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/******************** (C) COPYRIGHT 2008 STMicroelectronics ******************** * File Name : readme.txt * Author : MCD Application Team * Version : V2.0.1 * Date : 06/13/2008 * Description : Description of the GPIO IOToggle Example. ******************************************************************************** * THE PRESENT FIRMWARE WHICH IS FOR GUIDANCE ONLY AIMS AT PROVIDING CUSTOMERS * WITH CODING INFORMATION REGARDING THEIR PRODUCTS IN ORDER FOR THEM TO SAVE TIME. * AS A RESULT, STMICROELECTRONICS SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, * INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES WITH RESPECT TO ANY CLAIMS ARISING FROM THE * CONTENT OF SUCH FIRMWARE AND/OR THE USE MADE BY CUSTOMERS OF THE CODING * INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IN CONNECTION WITH THEIR PRODUCTS. *******************************************************************************/ Example description =================== This example describes how to use GPIO BSRR (Port bit set/reset register) and BRR (Port bit reset register) for IO toggling. These registers allow modifying only one or several GPIO pins in a single atomic write access. Directory contents ================== platform_config.h Evaluation board specific configuration file stm32f10x_conf.h Library Configuration file stm32f10x_it.c Interrupt handlers stm32f10x_it.h Header for stm32f10x_it.c main.c Main program Hardware environment ==================== This example runs on STMicroelectronics STM3210B-EVAL and STM3210E-EVAL evaluation boards and can be easily tailored to any other hardware. To select the STMicroelectronics evaluation board used to run the example, uncomment the corresponding line in platform_config.h file. + STM3210B-EVAL - Use LD1, LD2, LD3 and LD4 leds connected respectively to PC.06, PC.07, PC.08 and PC.09 pins + STM3210E-EVAL - Use LD1, LD2, LD3 and LD4 leds connected respectively to PF.06, PF0.7, PF.08 and PF.09 pins How to use it ============= In order to make the program work, you must do the following: - Create a project and setup all your toolchain's start-up files - Compile the directory content files and required Library files: + stm32f10x_lib.c + stm32f10x_gpio.c + stm32f10x_rcc.c + stm32f10x_nvic.c + stm32f10x_flash.c - Link all compiled files and load your image into target memory - Run the example ******************* (C) COPYRIGHT 2008 STMicroelectronics *****END OF FILE******
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