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介绍 Whispr是由赛诺菲IADC创建的开源事件,评论和警报处理中心。 我们创建它是为了满足我们对集中式注释和警报服务的需求,该服务可以轻松集成到我们的技术堆栈中。 使用Whispr,您可以轻松地将基于事件的发布子系统添加到您的生态系统。 我们已为用户实现了在应用程序之间进行通信的消息传递服务,以及业务流程状态发布/订阅警报解决方案-任何系统都可以向Whispr发送警报,并且将自动通知已订阅的应用程序和用户以显示警报并采取行动。 要了解更多信息,请访问我们的站点。 主要特点 GraphQL和REST API用于创建鞭子 通过严重性类型进行Whisp分类 使用鞭子的任何基本元素进行过滤 鞭打分类标签管理系统 网络挂钩 通过带有Websockets的GraphQL进行订阅(我们的路线图中很快就会出现更多订阅类型) Whispr由以下主要元素组成 Whispr核心提供了一个whip pub
[<div style="text-align:center"></div>]((https://sanofi-iadc.github.io/whispr/)) # Introduction [![CI][ci-shield]][ci-url] [![semantic-release][semantic-release-shield]][semantic-release-url] [![MIT License][license-shield]][license-url] [![Sonarcloud quality][sonarcloud-shield]][sonarcloud-url] [![Renovate][renovate-shield]][renovate-url] [![Gitpod ready-to-code][gitpod-shield]][gitpod-url] Whispr is an open source event, comment and alert processing hub created by Sanofi IADC. We created it to meet our need for a centralised comment and alerting service which could be easily integrated into our tech stack. Using Whispr you can easily add an event based pub sub system to your ecosystem. We’ve implemented a messaging service for users to communicate between our apps, and a business process status pub/sub alerting solution - any system can send an alert to Whispr, and susbscribing applications and users are automatically notified to display the alert and take action. ## To read more, go to our [documentation](https://sanofi-iadc.github.io/whispr/) site. # Main features * GraphQL and REST API for whisp creation * Whisp classification through severity types * Filtering using any of the base elements of a whisp * Tag management system for whisp classification * Webhooks * Subscriptions through GraphQL with Websockets (more subscription types coming up very soon in our roadmap) # Whispr consists of the following main elements * Whispr core providing an whisp pub/sub system - publishing systems can register whisps in Whispr core when they need to share the status with. Whispr core can be used by any application capable of communicating with GraphQL or REST APIs * A front end component library for fast implementation of some common use cases within your Vue.js or React based web application. # Tech stack ## Whispr core * [Nest.js](https://docs.nestjs.com/) * GraphQL (out of the box with Nest.js) * Webbsockets for GraphQL pub sub * Webhook registration and triggering system for outgoing whisps * Simple REST API ## Whispr UI * [Vue.js](https://vuejs.org/) * [Vuetify](https://vuetifyjs.com/) # Sponsorship We’re not looking for sponsorship, please check out the pages of our favourite open source projects which make up our standard tech stack. ## NestJS [](https://docs.nestjs.com/support) ## Vue.js [](https://vuejs.org/support-vuejs/) ## Vue-apollo [](https://github.com/sponsors/Akryum) ## Vuetify [](https://vuetifyjs.com/en/introduction/sponsors-and-backers/) [ci-shield]: https://github.com/Sanofi-IADC/whispr/workflows/CI/badge.svg?branch=master&event=push [ci-url]: https://github.com/Sanofi-IADC/whispr/actions [semantic-release-shield]: https://img.shields.io/badge/%20%20%F0%9F%93%A6%F0%9F%9A%80-semantic--release-e10079.svg [semantic-release-url]: https://github.com/Sanofi-IADC/whispr/releases [license-shield]: https://img.shields.io/badge/License-MIT-green.svg [license-url]: https://github.com/Sanofi-IADC/whispr/blob/master/LICENSE [sonarcloud-shield]: https://sonarcloud.io/api/project_badges/measure?project=Sanofi-IADC_whispr&metric=alert_status [sonarcloud-url]: https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=Sanofi-IADC_whispr [renovate-shield]: https://img.shields.io/badge/renovate-enabled-brightgreen.svg [renovate-url]: https://renovatebot.com [gitpod-shield]: https://img.shields.io/badge/Gitpod-ready--to--code-blue?logo=gitpod [gitpod-url]: https://gitpod.io/#https://github.com/Sanofi-IADC/whispr