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一个旨在协助虚幻引擎游戏开发的工具包。 实用程序的范围从生成游戏的devkit到在不打开编辑器的情况下制作类。 请参阅“部分,以获取一组可用的命令。 该工具还可以允许构建前/构建后挂钩,以将每个步骤公开给Python脚本。 有关更多信息,请参见“部分。 安装 注意:Unrealtoolkit需要Python 2.7 将克隆到任何位置。 通过unrealtoolkit目录中的任何命令行工具运行setup程序。 重新启动命令行工具或打开一个新的命令行工具,然后键入unrealtoolkit version以确认该工具已正确安装。 在设置过程中,该工具将调整您的用户PATH环境变量以将绝对路径添加到bin目录,以便您可以在任何位置从命令行使用unrealtoolkit。 目前,unrealtoolkit仅在Windows 10上进行了测试。 指令 用法 有关命令列表,请参见unrea
![alt text](logo.png) A toolkit designed to assist with Unreal Engine game development. Utilities range from generating a devkit of your game to making a class without opening the Editor. See the [Commands](#commands) section for a set of available commands. The tool can also allow pre / post build hooking to expose each step to a Python script. See the [Build Hooks](#build-hooks) section for more information on that. ---- ## Installation _Note: Unrealtoolkit requires Python 2.7_ - Clone [unrealtoolkit](https://github.com/Zinglish/unrealtoolkit) to any location. - Run `setup` from any command line tool within the unrealtoolkit directory. - Restart your command line tool or open a new one and type `unrealtoolkit version` to confirm the tool installed correctly. During the setup process, the tool will adjust your user `PATH` environment variable to add the absolute path to the `bin` directory so you can use unrealtoolkit from command line in any location. Currently unrealtoolkit has only been tested on Windows 10. # Commands ## Usage See `unrealtoolkit --help` for a list of commands. To get further help on a specific command you can use `unrealtoolkit --help <command>`. Most, if not all, commands should be run in either your root project (with a *.uproject file in the root) or run within the root of a plugin directory. Available commands: - [build](#build-hooks): Provides commands to hook into parts of the build process of your Unreal Engine 4 project - devkit: Makes a developer kit version of your game - makeclass: Makes a class for Unreal Engine 4 without having to open the Editor - regenproject: Generates Visual Studio project files - ue4version: Prints the Unreal Engine 4 version the project uses - version: Prints the current version of unrealtoolkit installed # Build Hooks It's possible to use unrealtoolkit to allow post / pre build Python scripts in your project. One example you may use this for is to increase a build / version number upon building a shipping version of your game. To install these hooks you can run `unrealtoolkit build generate`. This will modify your .uproject file to include the necessary lines in your `.uproject` file and will also generate a skeleton build script for you in the root of your project.