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第一个课程是关于Udacity,Sebastian Thrun和Kathie Malone的 。 这是主分支。 现在,我在PC上,并且可以在此处在master分支上进行提交。 现在,我在同一提交中更改两个文件。 我的机器学习历程 一切都始于2016年。以前,机器学习(ML)是直觉式的数字和数据如何帮助我解决实际问题的方法。 在实际问题之间,我认为对我来说最重要的一个问题是掌握跑步技术,即我在跑步时使用数字,以及在跑步时使用数字。 第一次相遇是在Github中找到一个仓库,“软件工程师的机器学习”,它向我显示了房屋价格与位置的关系图。 它可以在iPad上运行,并且是分类的示例。 出现了更多示例,这些示例都吸引了一些未知的事物。 下一步是第一种技术方法,它采用三种机器学习方法:有监督,无监督和强化。 我还介绍了一种有趣的方法,该方法通过翻转卡方法说明了如何记忆事物。 认真学习第一个概念
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first course was on Udacity, Sebastian Thrun and Kathie Malone This is the master branch. Now I'm am on my PC and I'm able to commit from here on the master branch. Now I'm changing two files in the same commit. My journey on machine learning It all started on 2016. Previously Machine Learning (ML) was a intuition on how numbers and data can help me to solve real problems. Between real problems, one I consider most important for me is mastering running techniques, that is I use numbers for running, and when I run. The first encounter was with a repository present in Github, "Machine Learning for Software Engineers", that showed me the graph of the houses prices compared to the location. It worked in the iPad and was an example of classification. More examples came, all with a fascination of something not known. The next step was the first technical approach, with the three methods of machine learning: supervised, unsupervised and by reinforcement. I came also on an intereting method that was explaining how to memorize things, with the flip card method. Learning by heart the first concepts was something necessary, therefore I put on my flip cards the ML methods and I started repeating. It was funny, my daughter was asking me the methods all the afternoon, and at the end my daughter was learning better than me! 1May16 AWS Account created. 7May17 Created my first ML dataset from Strava, exctracting the Prague Marathon results and combining with the 10May17 Machine Learning presentation in Maserati 13May17 Today I created my first Kaggle Dataset on Marathon running and I submitted my first prediction. 10May16 First Wordpress website created 9Jun18 Oracle: Oauth Understanding 21Oct18 Freecodecamp 25Oct18 Again on freeCodeCamp with javascript 26Oct18 Udemy Javascript for beginners Discover VisualStudioCODE 9Nov18 Started understand Git 10Nov18 Git flow implemented with ATOM 11Nov18 End of Javascript ES6 and switch to git pause to work ## AWS Developer Course 15Dec18 Udemy AWS Developer: S3 16Dec18 22Dec18 Git Flow Rebase 23Dec18 Git Flow Practice 24Dec18 Git Branching 25Dec18 Udemy Cryptography: Cipher, Hashing 26Dec18 Udemy Cryptography: Asymmetric Cryptography, Certificates, PKI 27Dec18 Udemy AWS Developer: IAM, EC2, WinSSH, Putty, Security Groups, Load Balancers 28Dec18 Udemy AWS Developer: S3 29Dec18 Udemy AWS Developer: AWS CLI, Elastic Beanstalk 30Dec18 Udemy AWS Developer: CICD, CodeCommit 31Dec18 Udemy AWS Developer: CloudFormation 1Jan19 Udemy AWS Developer: Elastic Beanstalk Reinforcement 2Jan19 Udemy AWS Developer: Cloudwatch, X-Ray, Cloudtrail 3Jan19 Udemy AWS Certified Sysops Admin: VPCs 7Jan19 Udemy AWS Certified Sysops Admin: High Availability 12Jan19 AWS IoT account setup w/beanstalk 20Jan19 Udemy AWS Developer: Lambda (5h) 26Jan19 Udemy AWS Developer: DynamoDB (5h 18/18) 27Jan19 Udemy AWS Developer: API Gateway (2h 10/14) 1Feb19 25Q Linkedin Linux RHEL 2Feb19 65Q CloudFormation 3Feb19 Udemy AWS Developer(19): Lambda (5h) 8Feb19 9Feb19 15Feb19 16Feb19 17Feb19 22Feb19 23Feb19 24Feb19 30APR19 ... AWS CERTIFIED developer ## AWS Big Data Course 1MAY19 BIG DATA Enrollment 4MAY19 AWS IOT 11MAY19 EMR 18MAY19 EMR 26May19 AWS IoT + EMR. 13JUN19 s3 bucket policies make data transfer unnecessary for data lake 16JUN19 minecraft deep study 22-23-24JUN WireShark 29JUN19 Alexa 30JUN19 Data Pipeline 4-5JUL19 Lambda Canary Deployment. 6JUL19 Python - Jupyter on IRIS example 7JUL19 Python - Jupyter Lab on AWS 10Jul19 ... Azure Certified - AZ900 13JUL19 Python course: Introduction to Python - Keith Thompson - Strings, Numbers, Booleans, Variables, Lists 14JUL19 Lambda course: AWS Serverless Udemy - Shreya Vakil - Lambda Basics on NodeJS 20JUL19 API Gateway 21Jul16 API Gateway Messages 26Jul19 EC2 + KDF + S3 27JUL19 Kinesis + Lambda + DynamoDB + Troubleshooting and visibility 28JUL19 Big Data Kane 14AUG19 Python Classes 15AUG19 Big Step Forward Python 16AUG19 Python Magic Functions 15NOV19 ... __AWS Big Data Certification__ ... ECONOMY BOOKS ... 12APR20 Azure Powershell Course 3hr 19APR20 Azure Monitor 10MAY20 Azure API Gateway complete mock up 16MAY20 Javascript, Atom Environment "Tic-tac-toe" javascript game 17MAY20 More Javascript "Space Invaders" javascript game 26MAY20 Minesweeper javascript game Memory Wack-a-Mole Connect Four Snake Space Invaders Frogger Tetris 3OCT20 Started LPI Linux Essentials on Linux Academy 10OCT20 Commandline Basics 11OCT20 Using the commandline to get help - Man and Info 17OCT20 Creating, moving and deleting files 18OCT20 Searching and extracting data from files 1NOV20 Linux Wget 1FEB21 Started AZ-104 in Leitner 5APR21 Started Introduction to databases on Linux 14APR21 __LPI Linux Essentials__ Certification 17APR21 VIRTUALBOX + KALI + UBUNTU on laptop