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2017-2018设计原则 项目二 项目定义 使用我们在课堂上介绍的一种(或可能多种)设计模式解决软件开发问题。 您的问题应该与先前的项目不同。 去做 工作说明:使用100-200个字详细地写出您的问题定义。 设计模式:选择对解决您定义的问题很有用的设计模式。 说明为什么以及如何在项目中采用这种设计模式。 UML :使用一些UML图表绘制工具绘制拟议解决方案的详细类图。 实现:使用提供的基本Maven项目,基于UML类图实现建议的解决方案。 Maven项目生成一个可执行的.jar文件,键入以下命令: mvn clean package 。 要了解有关Maven Project的更多信息,您可以在5分钟内阅读maven。 ( )您的项目不应期望来自用户的任何输入,并且在通过以下命令编译时,它应该产生不错的输出: java -jar target\project1.jar允许您更改pom
# 2017-2018 Design Principles # Project 2 ### Project Definition Solve a software development problem using one (or possibly more) of the design patterns that we cover in class. **Your problem should be different from your previous project.** ### To-Do - **Statement of Work**: Write your problem definition in detail using 100-200 words. - **Design Pattern(s)**: Select design pattern(s) that are useful in solving the problem you defined. Explain why and how you employ such design pattern(s) in your Project. - **UML**: Draw a detailed class diagram of your proposed solution using some UML Diagram Drawing Tool. - **Implementation**: Implement your proposed solution based on the UML Class Diagram using the base Maven Project that you are supplied. The Maven Project produces a executable **.jar** file typing following command: `mvn clean package`. To learn more about Maven Project, you can read maven in 5 minutes. ( Your project should not expect any input from user, and it should produce decent outputs when compiled by the following command: `java -jar target\project1.jar` You are allowed to change pom.xml to add or remove any dependency or plugin. - You need to upload the **.pdf** file and necessary parts of your code. (Do not upload target folder and IDE-specific files) ### To-Submit Submit (1) Statement of Work, (2) Explanation on Utilized Design Patterns, and (3) UML Class Diagram as a **single _.pdf_** file and (4) Implementation codes (without the target folder and IDE-specific files) to your github classroom repository ### Notes Please read this document very carefully. Submissions not complying with the **To-Do** list will be disqualified.