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Eclipse tomcat插件,解压后放入eclipse-plugins目录下即可
------------------------- Version 3.2.1 ------------ Fixed : - Problem when using HTTPS and various ClassNotFound exceptions. - Tomcat 5 and 6 does not start when context declaration mode is set to 'Server.xml' ------------------------- Version 3.2 ------------ New features : - Tomcat 6.x supported. If you want to use DevLoader with Tomcat 6.x. Rename file to DevLoader.jar and put it in <%Tomcat6_Home%>/lib - Tested with Eclipse 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3M6 Fixed : - Problem when using Devloader with Maven2 plugin (Many thanks to Dimitry Voytenko) Explanations : Maven2 Eclipse plugin expands Eclipse's classpath container to include all the artifacts specified in the Maven's POM file. This fix allows resolution inside the classpath containers : On the Tomcat's Project Properties page, containers are now expanded so that a user can select the whole container (in which case the behavior is exactly the same as before) or select a component resolved via the container - Some problems with source code lookup in eclipse debugger (code assist, detail formatter, ...) - VCM Tools not notified when .tomcatplugin file is updated from Tomcat projects properties page. (Thanks to Jonathan Ball). - UTF-8 problems with context file and .tomcatplugin file (Thanks to Vincent CARON) - Fixed in beta2 : Context Declaration Mode mess with version 3.2beta, fixed in 3.2beta2 - Fixed in beta3 : Source code lookup did not work when source code was in a jar file (Many thanks to Martin Goldhahn) - Fixed in final version : - parameter '-config' should not be set when context declaration mode is not 'Server.xml' - working directory for tomcat process was set to eclipse directory instead of catalina_base. - source code lookup improvments. Known problems : - After installation the plugin is not shown in toolbar and there is no Tomcat Preference page Solution : launch eclipse once using this option : -clean - ClassNotFound when using DevLoader and launching Tomcat 5.5.12 and above Workaround : set context definition mode (Preferences->Tomcat) to 'Context files'. Explanations : This problem is due to a change in Tomcat 5.5.12 and above (see, A Tomcat fix was introduced in Tomcat 5.5.20, this fix required a change in the plugin. Version 3.2 contains this change so DevLoader works when context is defined in server.xml. This change requires that context definition is updated. ------------------------- Version 3.1 ------------ Nothing new since version 3.1 beta (Excepted some japanese translations, thank you to Yae Suzuki) ------------------------- Version 3.1 beta ------------ New features : - Projects list in source path could be computed automatically (there is a new checkbox in Source path preference page). Computed source path contains all opened Tomcat projects and their prerequisites. Fixed : - Can't open Tomcat projects properties page on Eclipse 3.1M6 - Extra information not added to context definition when switching context declaration mode from 'server.xml' to 'context file'. - DevLoader problems when webapp root directory was set : .#webclasspath file was always created at project root instead of web app root. Thanks to Ben Turner. - Starting and stopping Tomcat was logged in .log file. - Preferences pages were sometimes too large and did not have scrollbars (several buttons and fields were hidden). ------------------------- Version 3.0 ------------ New features : - in main preference page add a way to choose how contexts are declared : - definition in server.xml (previous version allowed only this) - creation of a context file (recommended way with Tomcat 5) - add an 'advanced' preference page to simplify the main preference page. - add a field in Tomcat properties page to set extra information to generated context definitions - Tomcat projects build path are automatically updated when Tomcat version is changed Fixed : - It is no more possible to add Tomcat projects to Tomcat classpath (they won't be listed in preference page) - TOMCAT_HOME was added to project build path (when Tomcat 4 was selected in Tomcat preferences). Before Eclipse 3.0 (final release) this could make Eclipse hangs, see this bug report Eclipse 3.0 won't build the project. Many thanks to Jerry Lampi - Unable to start Tomcat or to open Tomcat project properties when using DevLoader and allowing circular dependencies for Java projects. - By default, new Tomcat projects were not added to source path - When using Tomcat 5, Eclipse does not stop on breakpoints set in generated java files for JSP. This is fixed only for new Tomcat projects, for existing ones follow those steps : - Edit your Tomcat project Java Build Path - in 'Source' tab, check 'Allow output folders for source folders' - in the list named 'Source folders on build path', select '%Your_project%/work' and 'Output Folder' - select the 'Edit' button, check 'Specific output folder' and enter 'work' in the text field. ------------------------- Version 2.2.1 ------------ Fixed : - starting Tomcat 5.0.15 or 5.0.16 failed Version 2.2 works with Tomcat 5.0.14 (and previous 5.0.x), in Tomcat 5.0.15 a change in Tomcat command line was introduced. Version 2.2.1 runs Tomcat according to this change so Tomcat 5.0.15, 5.0.16 could be started. Trying to run version 5.0.14 will fail if you select 'Tomcat 5.x' in Tomcat preference page, a workaround is to select 'Tomcat 4.1.x' instead of 'Tomcat 5.x' (Tomcat 4.1.x and Tomcat 5.0.14 has the same starting command line) ------------------------- Version 2.2 ------------ New features : - add two buttons on Tomcat JVM preference page : - 'Create a launch Configuration' : add a launch configutation to start Tomcat from menus Run->Run... and Run->Debug... - 'dump configuration to .log' : write all parameters use by the plug-in to launch Tomcat in /.metadata/.log - see below (version 2.2beta and 2.1.1beta) for other new features from version 2.1 Fixed : - Starting Tomcat 4.1.29 failed ------------------------- Version 2.2beta2 ------------ Fixed : - Starting Tomcat failed if Tomcat directory contains whitespaces ------------------------- Version 2.2beta ------------ (Jump to version 2.2 because there are several new features) This version works on Eclipse 2.1.x and Eclipse 3.0M4. New features : - Tomcat project menu has a new option to ask Tomcat to reload the application. This feature uses the Tomcat manager application. This application is enabled by default but for security reasons there no default user. The plug-in add a 'Tomcat Manager App' preference page to set which URL and which tomcat user to use (there is a default value for the url and a button to add a user to tomcat-users.xml). - Add a 'source path' preference page : with previous versions all Java and Tomcat projects were visible by Eclipse Debugger. If a class was defined in two projects Eclipse debugger sometimes show the wrong source code. Using this preference page user can set in which projects Eclipse debuger will look up source code if Tomcat JVM reaches a breakpoint. - when a new project is created, .cvsignore files are created in the following directories : work and WEB-INF/classes - user can activate Tomcat Security Manager in preference page. (for more information about Security Manager see : Fixed : - From version 2.1.1 beta : - In preference page Catalina base field is not saved - On Linux, starting Tomcat failed with a NoClassDefFoundError. - According to catalina.bat, the plugin will now set property - Tomcat 5 work dir should not include org.apache.jsp. - User should be warned if Tomcat home is not set in preference page Oth
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