firebase-google-phone-signin:使用Google认证和使用Firebase for Web的电话号码O

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firebase-google-phone-signin 使用Google进行身份验证,并使用Firebase for Web进行电话号码/ OTP身份验证 我们可以使用Firebase轻松通过Google和电话号码/ OTP登录。 在此存储库中,我将展示如何执行此操作。 该存储库包含3个文件: index.html:要托管HTML网页。 app.js:javascript代码,用于向我们的网页提供登录和注销功能,并通过Google和OTP对网页进行身份验证。 style.css:用于UI的基本样式。 首先,我们需要在系统上安装firebase。 这是在Ubuntu / Linux中执行的步骤:步骤: 您可以使用sudo apt-get install nodejs,但会安装nodejs和旧版本,因此最好使用以下命令:获取最新版本的nodejs:a)sudo apt-get
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# firebase-google-phone-signin Authentication using Google and Phone Number/OTP using firebase for web We can Signin via Google and Phone Number/OTP using firebase easily. In this repository I will show how to do that. This repository contains 3 files: 1) index.html : The HTML web page that is to be hosted. 2) app.js : The javascript Code in order to provide signin and signout functionalities to our web page and provide authentication via Google and OTP to web page. 3) style.css : For basic styling of UI. First we need to install firebase on our system. This is how to do it in Ubuntu/Linux: Steps: 1) you can use sudo apt-get install nodejs but it installs and older version of nodejs so it is better to go for the following commands: Get latest version of nodejs: a) sudo apt-get install curl python-software-properties b) curl -sL | sudo -E bash - c) sudo apt-get install -y nodejs d) sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade After these commands, check for successful installations of node and npm by the following commands: a) node -v b) npm -v 2) Install firebase locally: sudo npm install -g firebase-tools 3) Login to Firebase, login page will open in browser: firebase login 4) Next open firebase in browser at their website, open firebase console and create your own project. 5) After creation go to authentication tab and enable the signin options you want to use, in my case Google and Phone Auhentication. 6) git clone this repository and put it in the public folder on your system. 7) Select: Add firebase to your project web and copy-paste the credentials you get in the index.html at the starting of your code. 8) Next go to the public folder in your system, and copy and paste the 3 files in the repo in the public folder. Open terminal. 9) Initialise Firebase and select the option you want to go for: firebase init 10) Select hosting and press spacebar, press enter at the questions you get, and in the question where it asks to overwrite index.html, answer No. 11) Next deploy it on the URL: firebase deploy