TypescriptReactBoilerplate:用于构建Typescript NPM模块的尖端样板。 建立在最佳现代实践的

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打字稿和React NPM模块样板 编写代码,未配置 用于构建Typescript NPM模块的最先进的样板。 建立在最佳现代实践的基础上。 目录 产品特点 兼容:使用以多种格式(ESM和CJS)构建NPM模块,以支持NPM的所有主要用例。 可测试的:针对TDD构建,具有热重载,代码覆盖,快照等功能,并带有 。 同构:支持使用在节点和浏览器中进行测试,以在测试中进行DOM仿真 兼容:编写最先进的 ,它将其编译为较旧的浏览器支持的版本。 支持使用汇总功能将.svg文件作为React组件加载。 一致:用途自动实施通过用git钩代码标准和,和执行git commit标准 连续的:使用和创建一个
<div align="center"> <!-- PR's Welcome --> <a href="http://makeapullrequest.com" rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> <img src="https://img.shields.io/badge/PRs-welcome-brightgreen.svg?style=flat-square" alt="PR's Welcome" /> </a> <!-- Commitizen --> <a href="http://commitizen.github.io/cz-cli/v" title="Commitizen" rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> <img src="https://img.shields.io/badge/commitizen-friendly-brightgreen.svg"/> </a> <!-- Dependencies --> <a href="https://david-dm.org/ctaylo21/TypescriptReactBoilerplate?type=dev" title="devDependencies status" rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> <img src="https://david-dm.org/ctaylo21/TypescriptReactBoilerplate/dev-status.svg"/> </a> <!-- Coveralls --> <a href='https://coveralls.io/github/ctaylo21/TypescriptReactBoilerplate?branch=master' rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> <img src='https://coveralls.io/repos/github/ctaylo21/TypescriptReactBoilerplate/badge.svg?branch=master' alt='coverage status' /> </a> </div> <h1 align="center">Typescript & React NPM Module Boilerplate</h1> <div align="center"> <strong>Write Code, Not Config</strong> </div> <div align="center"> Cutting-edge boilerplate for building Typescript NPM modules. Built on best modern practices. </div> ## Table of Contents - [Table of Contents](#table-of-contents) - [Features](#features) - [Usage](#usage) - [Installation](#installation) - [Support](#support) ## Features - **compliant**: Uses [rollup.js](https://rollupjs.org/guide/en/) to build your NPM module in multiple formats (ESM and CJS) to support all major use cases for NPM. - **testable**: built for TDD with hot-reloading, code coverage, snapshots, and more with [Jest](https://jestjs.io/). - **isomorphic**: supports testing in both node and browsers with [jsdom](https://github.com/tmpvar/jsdom) for DOM emulation in tests - **compatible**: write cutting-edge [Typescript](https://www.typescriptlang.org/) and it will compile it to a version that older browsers support. Supports loading of `.svg` files as React components using rollup. - **consistent**: uses [eslint](https://eslint.org/) to automatically enforce code standards via git hooks using [husky](https://github.com/typicode/husky) and [lint-staged](https://github.com/okonet/lint-staged), and [commitzen](https://github.com/commitizen/cz-cli) to enforce `git commit` standards - **continuous**: uses [Travis CI](https://travis-ci.org/) and [Coveralls](https://coveralls.io/) to create an CI pipeline that builds your code on merges to master, runs tests, and reports on code coverage. ## Usage - `npm test` or `npm test -- --watch` or `npm test -- --watchAll` - Runs jest tests in the terminal - Optional `watch` flag only reruns tests that are affected by file changes - Optional `watchAll` flag will rerun all tests when something changes - `npm run build` - Builds your module for publishing via npm - Creates two variants: - ESM (`index.es.js`) - Set as the value for `module` in the `package.json` file. Allows bundlers that support ES modules (like webpack and rollup) to use this module and get benefits like tree shaking. - CommonJS (`index.js`) - Set as the value for `main` in the `package.json` file. This is the standard format for NPM modules. - Creates an `index.css` that can be imported by adopters using an import like `import 'your-npm-module/dist/index.css';` - Updates a `demo.js` bundle in `/docs` so that you can see a demo of your NPM package served at `docs/index.html` - `npm start` - Uses the `src/demo.tsx` file to build a "demo" implementation of your module. You can customize `src/demo.tsx` as needed. - Serves your demo app at http://localhost:10001/ - Runs rollup in watch mode, so any changes to your source code will trigger a rebuild of your bundle - **Note**: Bundle changes still require a reload of the browser page - `npm run cm` - Uses [commitizen](https://github.com/commitizen/cz-cli) to prompt for required commit fields to ensure a standardized commit message - `npm run lint` - Lints your entire project using [eslint](https://eslint.org/) and reports any errors ## Installation 1. Clone the repository into your "new-project" directory ```bash git clone https://github.com/ctaylo21/TypescriptReactBoilerplate.git new-project && cd new-project ``` 2. Remove the git repository, and then initialize a new one ```bash rm -rf .git && git init ``` 3. Remove README and replace with your own ```bash rm README.md && touch README.md ``` 4. Update `package.json` and install dependencies ```bash npm init && npm install ``` Don't forget to update the description and any URL's in the `package.json` file. 5. Start coding! **Once you have created and pushed your new repo to GitHub:** 6. Sign in to (or create) your [Travis CI](https://travis-ci.com/) account and follow the [instructions](https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/tutorial/) to enable Travis CI on your repo. This repo already includes a [`.travis.yml`](.travis.yml), so you only need to active your repo. 1. (Optional): Add your Travis-CI badge to the README 7. Add your repo to your [coveralls](https://coveralls.io) account. Then, grab the token from coveralls and put it in a new file called `.coveralls.yml` file at the project root. It should contain: ``` repo_token: <your_repo_token> ``` 1. (Optional): Add your Coveralls badge to the README 8. By running `npm run build`, a demo of your app will be created in the `/docs` folder based upon the `src/demo.tsx` file. Then, you can go to your GitHub repo > settings > GitHub Pages and update the `Source` to point to `master branch / docs folder`. Then, you have a functioning demo of your page at `https://<your-github>.github.io/<your-repo-name>/` 9. (Optional): Add a badge that shows the status of your NPM dev dependencies from david-dm.org. ## Support If you find any problems or bugs, please open a new [issue](https://github.com/ctaylo21/TypescriptReactBoilerplate/issues).