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纺织构造 开始构建去中心化网络所需的一切 ! 我会学到什么? 去中心化网络的基础,包括诸如内容寻址,分布式数据结构,对等通信等概念 对星际文件系统(IPFS)核心组件的深刻理解,包括用于访问IPFS的核心协议,约定和库 从创建空白项目到在线部署的所有过程,如何开发分布式应用程序(Đapp) 与分散数据存储和访问进行交互所需的技术技能,包括对在IPFS上添加,固定和访问数据的特定理解 如何结合正确的工具以构建一致的,现实的,实用的Node开发环境 如何将去中心化的应用程序部署到星际文件系统,使其更广泛地为公众使用 描述 对分散式网络的兴趣已达到高潮。 随着人们对消费者隐私,访问权限和新法规行为的担忧日益增加,组织正在探索将分散式应用程序作为可行的开发过程。 但是分散存储,服务或流程的含义是什么? 为了为这个勇敢的新世界做好准备,我们需要知道哪些工具和/或概念? 本课程将通过全面介绍星际文
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# Textile Build ## Everything you need to know to start building for the decentralized web ### [Signup now](! ### What will I learn?  * The fundamentals of the decentralized web, including concepts such as content addressing, distributed data structures, peer-to-peer communication, etc * A deep understanding of the Interplanetary File System's (IPFS) core components, including the core protocols, conventions, and libraries use to access IPFS * How to develop a distributed application (Đapp), all the way from creating a blank project to deploying it online * The technical skills needed to interact with decentralized data storage and access, including a specific understanding of adding, pinning, and accessing data on IPFS * How to combine the right tools to put together a consistent and real world pragmatic Node development environment * How to deploy a decentralized app to the Interplanetary File System, making it available to the wider public ### Description Interest in the decentralized web has reached a fever pitch. And with increased concerns over consumer privacy, access, and new regulatory actions, organizations are exploring decentralized applications as a viable development process. But what does it mean to decentralize storage, services, or processes? What tools and/or concepts do we need to be aware of in order to be ready for this brave new world? This course will provide answers to these questions by providing a complete introduction to decentralized application (Đapp) development on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). By the end of this course, you will have a working understanding of the decentralized web in general, and the specific tools and technologies needed to interact with IPFS more specifically. ### Who is the target audience? Anybody with a little bit of backend and/or frontend software development - a seasoned developer with an interest in learning about the decentralized web, or a total beginner looking to develop new skills in an exciting area of web-development. ### Requirements * You should already have developed a couple of software applications, backend, frontend or both * You need a Mac, Linux or Windows 10 machine to develop the sample application * You should also be comfortable working on the command-line * A basic understanding of a programming language like Javascript is definitely a plus 👍 ### Course Schedule | Date | Topic | Skills | | -------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ------------------------------------------------------- | | Tues July 31st | **Introduction to the Decentralized Web:** What is content addressing, shared storage, key differences from legacy systems | Setup: Installing and using IPFS, and development setup | | Thur Aug 2nd | **Exploring the Interplanetary File System:** A deep dive into IPFS and the protocol layers that drive it | Data access: Accessing IPFS from a browser | | Tues Aug 7th | **Developing a Basic Distributed Application (Đapp):** From an empty project to a working prototype in less than an hour | Data storage: Adding content from a browser | | Thur Aug 9th | **Adding Complexity by Deploying an Interactive Đapp:** Extending our prototype Đapp and deploying it ‘live’ on the distributed web | Interaction: Adding peer-to-peer communications | | Tues Aug 14th | **Round-up and Final Discussion:** Finishing touches to our Đapp, group discussion, and next steps | Next steps: Fine-tuning your IPFS setup and Đapps | ## Signup Signup now at