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Rails DB互动 该Web应用程序是专门为Ruby on Rails应用程序而设计的交互式图表工具。 该应用程序使用多个/单个文件上传来读取架构和模型文件,并使用该信息创建交互式视觉模型。 借助HTML5 canvas以及可视化模型的交互功能,用户可以创建其Rails数据库的个性化图表。 此应用专门针对尝试学习陌生的Rails数据库的用户。 网址 如何使用应用程序 为了从此应用程序中获得最大收益,强烈建议仅在尺寸合适的显示器(24英寸以上)上使用此应用程序,以留出空间。 要开始绘制图表,必须先上传模型文件,然后再上传架构。 模式上传取决于模型文件中的数据,以便正确组合它们。 文件上传后,应用程序将创建具有多个交互属性的可视模型。 这些模型是可拖动的,可调整大小的,字体可调整的和可旋转的。 还可以双击模型以分别在屏幕的左下方和右下方显示其属性和关联。 各个关联本身都是可单击的文本,将在
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# Rails DB Interactive This web application is an interactive diagramming tool made specifically for Ruby on Rails apps. The app uses multiple/single file upload to read schema and model files and create interactive visual models with that information. With the help of HTML5 canvas as well as the interactive functionality of the visual models, a user can create a personalized diagram of their Rails database. This app is specifically targeted at users who are trying to learn an unfamiliar Rails database. ## website url https://rails-db-interactive.herokuapp.com/ ## How to use the Application To get the most from this application, it is highly recommended to only use this app on a decent sized monitor (24inch+) to allow for diagramming space. To begin diagramming, you must first upload your model files before uploading the schema. The schema upload depends on data from the model files in order to combine them properly. Once the files are uploaded, the application will create visual models with multiple interactive properties. The models are draggable, resizable, font-adjustable, and rotatable. The models can also be double clicked to display their attributes and associations on the bottom left and bottom right of the screen respectively. The individual associations themselves are all clickable text that will visually highlight the associated models. The canvas button located on the top navigation bar can be clicked to activate the canvas. Once active, the user can use the canvas color buttons to draw color-coded connections between models. Directional and rotatable arrows can be added by clicking the "Add Arrow" button in the Model Menu side-bar. These arrows can be combined with the canvas drawings to show association directions. All of the menus other than the top-menu bar at this point can be toggled off to allow for more diagramming space. ## Demo screencast Below is a link to a 2 minute screencast demonstrating the functionality of the app. https://vimeo.com/260510804 ## Screenshot of potential diagram Below is an example of a potential color-coded diagram with directional arrows. ![Alt text](screenshots/diagram-example.png?raw=true "Example Diagram") ## Installation This application is very simple to setup. It is written in vanilla javascript and no framework is used. At this point, the app adds pluralize.js and normalize.css. I have not implemented testing yet, but plan to use Mocha and chai as well as JSDOM. Cloning the app is all that is required to get started working on it. ## Contributing I am relatively new to developing web applications so I strongly encourage criticism of the code from general to specific. Contributions related to structuring the code for reusability and readability would be very beneficial. I am very open to suggestions of what direction to take this application and finding new ways to make the app more useful for people that are trying to absorb a new Rails database. This is my first experience using the HTML5 canvas, so any ideas or contributions related to improving the functionality of the canvas would be very useful as well. ## Code of Conduct As long as you are respectful to myself along with anyone else involved in contributing to this application, you are more than welcome to be a part of developing this application further. ## License This project is licensed under the MIT License.