Mobile-Detect:Mobile_Detect是用于检测移动设备(包括平板电脑)的轻量级PHP类。 它结合使用User-

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座右铭:“每个企业都应该有一个检测脚本来检测移动阅读器。” 关于 Mobile Detect是用于检测移动设备(包括平板电脑)的轻量级PHP类。 它结合使用User-Agent字符串和特定的HTTP标头来检测移动环境。 为什么 您网站的内容策略很重要! 您需要一个完整的工具包来提供经过优化,快速且与您的用户相关的体验。 Mobile Detect类是一种工具,可以帮助您使用RWD策略,它不能替代CSS3媒体查询或其他形式的客户端功能检测。 怎么样 我们致力于使Mobile_Detect成为最佳的开源移动检测资源,这就是为什么在每个版本之前我们都要进行以及每月研究和更新检测规则的原因。 W
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![Mobile Detect]( > Motto: "Every business should have a detection script to detect mobile readers." ![Build status]( [![Latest Stable Version](]( [![Total Downloads](]( [![Daily Downloads](]( [![License](]( [![Chat on Slack](]( #### About Mobile Detect is a lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices (including tablets). It uses the User-Agent string combined with specific HTTP headers to detect the mobile environment. *Why* Your website's _content strategy_ is important! You need a complete toolkit to deliver an experience that is _optimized_, _fast_ and _relevant_ to your users. Mobile Detect class is a [server-side detection]( tool that can help you with your RWD strategy, it is not a replacement for CSS3 media queries or other forms of client-side feature detection. *How* We're committed to make Mobile_Detect the best open-source mobile detection resource and this is why before each release we're running [unit tests](./tests) and research and update the detection rules on **monthly** basis. *Who* See [the history](./docs/ of the project. #### Announcements * **JetBrains** is sponsoring the project by providing licenses for [PHPStorm]( and [DataGrip]( * **Mobile_Detect `2.x.x`** is only integrating new regexes, User-Agents and tests. We are focusing on **new tablets only**. The rest of the PRs about TVs, bots or optimizations will be closed and analyzed after `3.0.0-beta` is released. * **Mobile_Detect `3.x.x`** is experimental and WIP. #### Install **Download and include manually** > Use this to quickly test the demo. * [Download latest release](../../tags) * [Mobile_Detect.php](./Mobile_Detect.php) ```php require_once "libs/Mobile_Detect.php"; ``` **Install as a [composer package](** > Use this method to get continuous updates. ``` composer require mobiledetect/mobiledetectlib ``` or include the dependency in the `composer.json` file: ```json { "require": { "mobiledetect/mobiledetectlib": "^2.8" } } ``` #### Demo * [:iphone: Live demo!]( * [Code examples](../../wiki/Code-examples) #### Contribute *Submit a PR* > Submit a pull request but before make sure you read [how to contribute](docs/ guide. *Donate* |Paypal| |------| |[Donate :+1:](| I'm currently paying for hosting and spend a lot of my family time to maintain the project and planning the future releases. I would highly appreciate any money donations that will keep the research going. Special thanks to the community :+1: for donations, JetBrains team for the continuous support and [Dragos Gavrila]( who contributed with the logo. #### Modules, plugins, ports > [Submit new module, plugin, port](../../issues/new?title=New%203rd%20party%20module&body=Name,%20Link%20and%20Description%20of%20the%20module.) :point_right: Keep `Mobile_Detect.php` class in a separate `module` and do NOT include it in your script core because of the high frequency of updates. :point_right: When including the class into your `web application` or `module` always use `include_once '../path/to/Mobile_Detect.php` to prevent conflicts. **JavaScript** * mobile-detect.js - A [JavaScript port]( of Mobile-Detect class. Made by [Heinrich Goebl]( **Varnish Cache** * [Varnish Mobile Detect]( - Drop-in varnish solution to mobile user detection based on the Mobile-Detect library. Made by [willemk]( * [mobiledetect2vcl]( - Python script to transform the Mobile Detect JSON database into an UA-based mobile detection VCL subroutine easily integrable in any Varnish Cache configuration. Made by [Carlos Abalde]( **LUA** * [mobile-detect.lua]( is a port of Mobile-Detect to Lua for NGINX HTTP servers. Follows closely to mobile-detect.js. Supports all methods that server-side mobile-detect.js supports. Fully unit-tested and synced with Travis CI (Build Passing badge included). Made by [Mark Walters]( **PHP** **WordPress** * [Mobile Detect for WordPress]( - WordPress has a built-in function (`wp_is_mobile()`) to detect mobile devices. There is (at least) one catch, though. It considers iPad (iPad pro, and any tablet) as a mobile. So, this 3rd party module changes the way `wp_is_mobile()` works with the help of Mobile Detect PHP library! Made by [Pothi Kalimuthu]( * [WordPress Mobile Detect]( - Gives you the ability to wrap that infographic in a `[notdevice][/notdevice]` shortcode so at the server level WordPress will decide to show that content only if the user is NOT on a phone or tablet. Made by [Jesse Friedman]( * [mobble]( - provides mobile related conditional functions for your site. e.g. `is_iphone()`, `is_mobile()` and `is_tablet()`. Made by Scott Evans. * [WordPress Responsage]( - A small WordPress theme plugin that allows you to make your images responsive. Made by [Adrian Ciaschetti]( * [WP247 Body Classes]( - Add unique classes to the `body` tag for easy styling based on various attributes (archive, user, post, mobile) and various WordPress "is" functions. Mobile attributes include type of device, Operating System, Browser, etc. Examples: .is-mobile, .is-not-mobile, .is-tablet, .is-ios, .is-not-ios, .is-androidos, .is-chromebrowser. Made by [wescleveland56]( * [Adaptive Content]( for WordPress provides the most intuitive set of shortcodes for including/excluding content on mobile devices, tablets desktops and other more specific device parameters. This lightweight plugin lets content writers and theme authors choose when WordPress should or shouldn’t show any give content item using shortcodes and quicktags or theme elements using functions. Made by [AddFunc]( * [AddFunc Mobile Detect]( for WordPress redirects mobile traffic to your mobile website and, basically, gives you loads of control over your mobile redirects. Made by [AddFunc]( **Drupal** * [Drupal Mobile Switch](https://www.drup
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