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Who is it? Dad. Come on in, Dad. I thought you might be hungry. I brought you a chicken sandwich and a glass of milk. I am hungry, thanks Dad. what time is it, anyway? 10 o'clock. What're you working on? I am writing a story for the (high-school)<high school> paper. Can't you finish it <by> tomorrow? No, I have to turn it in (in the)<tomorrow> morning. What's it about? <It's about the feeling about leaving school.>(I am writing an article on the feeling about graduation) And, how do you feel? Me? A little (scared)<scaled>, and excited too. I felt the same way. ( The scary part's leaving home and moving to college. ) Oh, Leaving (home) is part of growing up. Well, don't work all night. I don't mind, I enjoying writing. Well, maybe you should think about (becoming)<being> a writer. Maybe I should. You have lots of time to decide<make decision>. (That)<It>'s the worst part, making decision(s). You will be OK, good night son. Good night, Dad. <Hel to, helt to..> ( Hail to the victors valiant, Hail to the conquering heroes, Hail,hail to Michigan, The champions of the West. ) Ah, good morning, Robbie. Good morning, Dad. How's my grandson? Fine,Grandpa, fine! <What're you singing for?> ( What's all the cheering about? ) Did (the University of Michigan)<Misgan football team> win another football game<again rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'>? Better than that. Tell him, Philip. I just spoken with<to> Charley Rafer. Who is Charley rafer? He is the Dean of (Admissions for the University of Michigan)<Misgan school>. And it turns out he is a classmate of Philip's. We were both on<in> the tennis<Tenis> team. Great. It is great. He is going to (be in New York tomorrow)<NY for> (to) interview (applicants for admission) And he's <have> agreed to fit you (into)<in> his schedule. But I may not want to go to Michigan ( It's the on of the best schools in the country, Robbie I studied medicine there, You grandfater went to the Engineering School there. I know that, but... ) You said you want(ed) to be a doctor like your father? Not exactly. < It's the best midcin school in the country, Robbie, I studyed midcian there, and your grandfather went to engineer school there. I know, but... > ( You couldn't pick a finer medical school than Michigan. Yes, I know that. ) Let's meet (with) charley rafe (at the university club)ten O'clock tomorrow morning. ( It doesn't mean you're going to Michigan. It doens't mean you have to be a doctor. But the interview will be good experience for you In that case, it's OK. Dad, growing up means making my own decisions, doesn't it? You're right, Robbie. But, like your grandpa suggested, have the interview, And then make your own decision. That sounds fine. ) < It will be an important experience for you. > I know it's sudden,Robbie, but it's an important (opportunity)<opptunity>. <Let's head it first thing tomorrow.> ( We'll head down there first thing tomorrow moring, Ok? Sure, Dad. ) < In that case, it is Ok Dad, growing up means making my own decision, rihgt? Your're right, Robbie, but like Grandpa's suggestion, have the interview. Then make your own descion. That's sounder fine. > I want you to know something, son. <I love you,> I am very pround of you. Thanks, Dad. Well, I have (got)<to get to the> (an) appointment (at)<in> the hospital, I will see you all <in>(at) dinnertime. Good bye, Dad. Is (something) <there> still some <thing> wrong, Robbie? <It's>(I will be) OK. Going away to college (for the first time), always make(s) one (a little)nervous. ( I guess sso. ) I will be OK, I just need time to think.
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