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裸机CSI插件 裸机CSI插件是一种实现,用于管理Kubernetes的本地连接的驱动器。 项目状态:Alpha-不提供向后兼容性 受支持的环境 Kubernetes :1.18 节点操作系统:Ubuntu 18.10 头盔:3.0 特征 :创建PersistentVolumeClaim对象时动态创建卷。 内联卷 LVM支持 不同驱动器类型的存储类别:HDD,SSD,NVMe 驱动器健康状况检测 调度程序扩展器 支持K8s集群中每个节点的唯一ID 计划功能 服务程序-节点和磁盘更换 批量扩展支持 用户定义的存储类 NVMeOf支持 跨平台 原始块模式 安装过程 先决条件 1.1。 转到版本1.14.2 1.2。 协议版本3 1.3。 1.4。 Kubectl 构建和部署CSI插件 2.1生成裸机CSI插件映像并将其推送到注册表服务器 REGISTRY=<your-regi
Bare-metal CSI Plugin ===================== Bare-metal CSI Plugin is a [CSI spec](https://github.com/container-storage-interface/spec) implementation to manage locally attached drives for Kubernetes. - **Project status**: Alpha - no backward compatibility is provided Supported environments ---------------------- - **Kubernetes**: 1.18 - **Node OS**: Ubuntu 18.10 - **Helm**: 3.0 Features -------- - [Dynamic provisioning](https://kubernetes-csi.github.io/docs/external-provisioner.html): Volumes are created dynamically when `PersistentVolumeClaim` objects are created. - Inline volumes - LVM support - Storage classes for the different drive types: HDD, SSD, NVMe - Drive health detection - Scheduler extender - Support unique ID for each node in the K8s cluster ### Planned features - Service procedures - node and disk replacement - Volume expand support - User defined storage classes - NVMeOf support - Cross-platform - Raw block mode Installation process --------------------- 1. Pre-requisites 1.1. *go version 1.14.2* 1.2. *protoc version 3* 1.3. [*helm*](https://helm.sh/docs/intro/install/) 1.4. *kubectl* 2. Build and deploy CSI plugin 2.1 Build Bare-metal CSI Plugin images and push them to your registry server ```REGISTRY=<your-registry.com> make generate-api build images``` 2.2 Deploy CSI plugin ```cd charts && helm install csi-baremetal baremetal-csi-plugin --set global.registry=<your-registry.com> --set image.tag=<tag> --set feature.extender=true``` 2.3 Deploy Kubernetes scheduler extender ```cd charts && helm install csi-scheduler-extender scheduler-extender --set registry=<your-registry.com> --set image.tag=<tag>``` 3. Check default storage classes available ```kubectl get storageclasses``` 4. Unique node ID support In order to support physical [node replacement](https://github.com/dell/csi-baremetal/blob/master/docs/proposals/node_replacement.md) during which drives remain same CSIBMNode operator should be installed before plugin and extender installation. ``` helm install operator charts/csibm-operator --set image.registry=<your-registry.com> --set image.tag=<tag> ``` All options could be found in [values.yaml](https://github.com/dell/csi-baremetal/blob/master/charts/csibm-operator/values.yaml)' For using generated ID in plugin and extender they should be installed with next feature option: ``` --set feature.usenodeannotation=true ``` Usage ------ Use `baremetal-csi-sc` storage class for PVC in PVC manifest or in persistentVolumeClaimTemplate section if you need to provision PV bypassing LVM. Size of the resulting PV will be equal to the size of underlying physical drive. Use `baremetal-csi-sc-hddlvg` or `baremetal-csi-sc-ssdlvg` storage classes for PVC in PVC manifest or in persistentVolumeClaimTemplate section if you need to provision PVC based on the logical volume. Size of the resulting PV will be equal to the size of PVC. Contribution ------ Please refer [Contribution Guideline](https://github.com/dell/csi-baremetal/blob/master/docs/CONTRIBUTING.md) fo details