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Rundeck文档 Rundeck文档项目。 入门 依存关系 nodejs(当前的LTS版本尚可) 项目设置 npm install 编译和热重装以进行开发 npm run docs:dev 编译并最小化生产 npm run docs:build 出版 文档将被构建并发布到与分支名称/3\.[1-9]\..*/匹配的/3\.[1-9]\..*/ : 分支3.3.x => 分支3.3.1 => 最新 版本标签必须包含带日期的完整Rundeck版本! 标记提交以发布到匹配的版本库以及最新版本:
# Cluster Overview ::: enterprise ::: ## Rundeck Enterprise Architecture ![Rundeck architecture](~@assets/img/architecture.png) ## Installation To install a Rundeck Enterprise Enterprise instance, download the lastest version from [here](, and follow the steps in the [Installation Guide](/administration/install/ ## Requirements The Rundeck Enterprise environment needs the following shared resources: ### Database - All the cluster members must share the same DB: See: [Database Backends](/administration/configuration/database/ - The keys and project data must be stored in the DB (enabled by default since 2.4.x): See: [Storage Facility](/administration/configuration/ ### Load Balancer A loadbalancer allows you to achieve high availability in your Rundeck Enterprise installation by routing http traffic across several redundant Rundeck Enterprise instances. - Set the `grails.serverURL` parameter of all cluster members (``) with the LB URL. - Use Sticky session See: [Loadbalancer](/administration/cluster/loadbalancer/ ### Log Storage All Cluster members must share the log storage. See: [Logstore](/administration/cluster/logstore/ **Note**: If you use the [S3 Log Storage Plugin](/administration/cluster/logstore/ Be sure to use `` in place of ``. It adds the additional feature: - _Checkpoint log storage_: This enables viewing the execution logs while the execution is running. ### Authentication The cluster environment needs a common authentication method. All the instances must have access to the same list of users/groups See: [Authenticating Users](/administration/security/ ### Resource Model Projects need a common resource model that can be accessed from all cluster members. These are some of the alternatives to achieve this: - A shared file system - A script - A REST endpoint See: [Node Model Sources](/administration/projects/resource-model-sources/ ## Features: ### Autotakeover Scheduled jobs are owned by the last cluster member who modified them. Jobs can also be controlled using Cluster Manager. If a cluster member goes down, all scheduled jobs on that cluster member must be moved to another cluster node. This process can be performed automatically using the heartbeat and Autotakeover features in Rundeck Enterprise version 2.1.0 and later releases. See: [Autotakeover](/administration/cluster/autotakeover/ ### Cluster Remote Execution Policy This feature allows Rundeck Enterprise cluster members to forward job executions to other cluster members based on a policy configuration. See: [Remote Job Execution](/administration/configuration/ ### Rundeck Enterprise Replication This plugin is used for an active/passive configuration. Each cluster member can have its own database. See [Rundeck Enterprise Replication](/administration/cluster/replication/
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      npm install 编译和热重装以进行开发 npm run serve 编译并最小化生产 npm run build 运行测试 npm run test 整理和修复文件 npm run lint 运行单元测试 npm run test:unit 自定义配置 请参阅。
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      npm v7发布后,将不建议使用此模块。 请不要绝对依赖它。 npm v7中使用的生命周期脚本运行程序是 。 请继续使用该模块。 npm-lifecycle 是一个独立的库,用于执行软件包的生命周期脚本。 它是从npm本身提取的,...
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      npmd 安装 从 npmd-resolve 树安装节点模块。 npm install - g npmd - resolve npmd - install npmd - resolve browserify | npmd - install 另外, 一个关键部分 执照 麻省理工学院
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      npm-cli-login 允许您不使用STDIN,STDOUT登录到NPM。 在CI构建系统等地方使用。 还可以在〜/ .npmrc文件中创建/修改条目以进行身份​​验证。 安装 npm install -g npm-cli-login 使用-g标志通过CLI使用npm-cli-...
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