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BadAppleOS 描述 在x86操作系统的保护模式下显示动画。 即使没有文件系统,任务计划程序和其他更高级的功能,该操作系统也相当粗糙。 因此,它实际上不是操作系统,而只是在裸机上运行的程序LOL :) 突出 除了一些用Assembly和C编写的必要引导代码外,其他代码纯粹是用C ++(11)编写的。 最小的STL端口。 将纯文本艺术化为伟大的ASCII艺术。 ...并且此操作系统只有168K(取决于您的编译器)! 注意,您可能会在此操作系统中看到一些奇怪的设计,这是因为我们的首要目标之一是使其适合软盘。 工具链 在Ubuntu xenial下使用以下工具链进行了测试, gc
# BadAppleOS # Description Displaying [BadApple]( animation in the protected mode of an x86 operating system. This operating system is quite rough, even it doesn't have a file system, task scheduler and other more advanced things. So it is not an operating system indeed, just a program running on a bare computer LOL :) # Highlight * Except some necessary booting code written in Assembly and C, other code is purely written in C++(11). * A minimal STL port. * Artify the plain text to a great ASCII Art. * ... and this operating system is only 168K (depends on your compiler)! Notice you may see some weird designs in this OS, this is because one of our preliminary goal is to make it fit into a floppy. # Toolchains Tested under Ubuntu xenial with the following toolchains, * gcc (5.4.0) * nasm (2.11.08) * python (2.7.12) I don't guarantee other versions of toolchains will work. # Build BadAppleOS is multi-boot compliant, so you can boot it with GRUB. We also provide a minimal bootloader without GRUB. ## No GRUB ```bash make img ``` Run `make qemu` to load the OS under QEMU. ## GRUB ```bash make docker make grub_iso ``` The docker step is sometimes necessary, because `grub-mkrescue` may not work properly under some systems. Run `make qemu_iso` to load the OS under QEMU. # License MIT