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gnugccmake等底层开发工具dos版本的 gnugccmake等底层开发工具dos版本的 gnugccmake等底层开发工具dos版本的
Table of Contents ***************** RHIDE 1 Introduction 1.1 Copying 1.2 Installing RHIDE 1.3 What is RHIDE? 1.4 Requirements 1.5 Getting started 1.5.1 Supported languages 1.5.2 Debugging RHIDE 1.6 The program GPR2MAK 1.7 The program GPREXP 1.8 First steps with RHIDE 1.8.1 What are these so called projects 1.8.2 Creating your first project 1.9 Environment variables 1.9.1 Setting environment variables for RHIDE 1.9.2 Where to store the environment file 2 General information about how RHIDE works 2.1 Known suffixes 2.2 Syntax of arguments 2.3 Running under Windows 95 2.4 Running under OS/2 2.5 Running under Windows NT 2.6 Running under GNU/Linux 2.7 General use of RHIDE 2.7.1 Creating a program Creating a program without a project 2.7.2 Creating a library 2.7.3 Saving/Loading the options 3 Description of the pull-down menus 3.1 System menu 3.1.1 About 3.1.2 Bug report 3.1.3 FSDB 3.1.4 GREP 3.1.5 GDB 3.1.6 Refresh Desktop 3.1.7 Calculator 3.1.8 Puzzle 3.1.9 Calender 3.1.10 ASCII table 3.2 File 3.2.1 Open 3.2.2 New 3.2.3 Save 3.2.4 Save as 3.2.5 Save all 3.2.6 DOS Shell 3.2.7 Exit 3.3 Edit 3.3.1 Undo 3.3.2 Redo 3.3.3 Cut 3.3.4 Copy 3.3.5 Paste 3.3.6 Show Clipboard 3.3.7 Clear 3.3.8 Copy to Windows clipboard 3.3.9 Paste from Windows clipboard 3.3.10 Expand all tabs 3.3.11 Compact text 3.3.12 Macro Record Stop Play 3.4 Search 3.4.1 Find 3.4.2 Replace 3.4.3 Search again 3.4.4 Goto line 3.4.5 Jump to function 3.4.6 Next message 3.4.7 Previous message 3.5 Run 3.5.1 Run 3.5.2 Step over 3.5.3 Trace into 3.5.4 Go to cursor 3.5.5 Program reset Main function 3.5.6 Arguments 3.6 Compile menu 3.6.1 Compile 3.6.2 Make 3.6.3 Link 3.6.4 Build all 3.7 Debug 3.7.1 Set/Reset Breakpoint 3.7.2 Evaluate/Modify 3.7.3 Watch an expression 3.7.4 Breakpoints 3.7.5 Disassembler window 3.7.6 Call stack 3.7.7 List of Functions 3.8 Project 3.8.1 Open project 3.8.2 Close project 3.8.3 Add item 3.8.4 Delete item 3.8.5 Local options 3.8.6 Includes 3.8.7 Main targetname 3.8.8 Primary file 3.8.9 Clear dependencies 3.8.10 Delete rebuildable files 3.8.11 Write Makefile 3.9 Options 3.9.1 Directories Include directories Library directories Object directories Sources directories Standard headers 3.9.2 C/C++-Compiler Warnings Optimizations Debugging C options CXX options Pascal options Fortran options How to toggle these flags 3.9.3 Libraries 3.9.4 Linker options 3.9.5 Compiler options 3.9.6 Environment Colors Editor options Preferences Mouse options Reserved words Pascal reserved words C-Flags CXX-Flags Pascal-Flags Fortran-Flags Warning-Flags Debugging-Flags Optimization-Flags User words 3.9.7 Save options 3.9.8 Load options 3.10 Windows 3.10.1 Size/move 3.10.2 Zoom 3.10.3 Tile 3.10.4 Cascade 3.10.5 Next 3.10.6 Previous 3.10.7 Close 3.10.8 List 3.10.9 Project 3.10.10 UserScreen 3.11 Help 3.11.1 Help 3.11.2 RHIDE Help index 3.11.3 Syntax help submenu Syntax help Files to search Options for searching 3.11.4 Index for syntax help 3.11.5 libc reference 3.11.6 Help about help 4 Detailed description of some parts of RHIDE 4.1 Selecting a window 4.2 How the editor works 4.2.1 Erasing commands 4.2.2 Cursor moving commands 4.2.3 Text selecting and searching commands 4.2.4 Block commands 4.2.5 Other commands 4.3 Some hints and problems 4.3.1 Problems with automatic dependencies 4.4 Project window 4.4.1 Items of your project 4.4.2 Open a project item 4.4.3 Dependencies of project item 4.4.4 Local options for a project item 4.5 Builtin compiler specs 4.6 Builtin variables 4.7 Change the defaults of RHIDE 4.8 Message window 4.9 Syntax highlighting 4.10 Checking the dependencies 4.11 What is Turbo Vision 4.12 How the dialogs work 4.13 Defining macros 4.14 The INFO Viewer 4.15 RCS and RHIDE 5 Debugging with RHIDE 5.1 Limitations of the integrated debugger 5.2 Dual display debugging 5.3 Using the integrated debugger 5.3.1 Stepping through the source code 5.3.2 Evaluating the contents of variables 5.3.3 Watching the contents of variables 5.4 Problems with C++ programs 5.5 Using Breakpoints 5.5.1 Setting a breakpoint 5.5.2 Modifying and setting a breakpoint 5.5.3 Problems with breakpoints 6 Debugging with RHGDB 7 Some FAQs 8 Index 9 Index of key commands RHIDE ****** 1 Introduction ************** 1.1 Copying =========== RHIDE is copyright by Robert Ho"hne. Parts of RHIDE are copyright by other people as noted in the source files. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. additional permission: As a special additional permission, the library librhuti which is in the source tree of the RHIDE sources in the librhuti/ subdirectory can be distributed alone freely without any restrictions. It is not limited to use under the terms of the GPL or LGPL. For more information see the file COPYING.RHU in that subdirectory. Non-binding request If you distribute RHIDE together with other products it would be nice, if you could give me a note about it so I'll be informed. Of course you can send me a copy of the distribution medium but this is not required. For contacting the author send electronic mail to <> or paper mail to Robert Ho"hne Am Berg 3 D - 09573 Dittmannsdorf Germany 1.2 Installing RHIDE ==================== There are two archives `rhide??' This contains the executables and the documentation for RHIDE running on DJGPP `rhide-?.?-1.i386.rpm' This is a RPM package with the binaries of RHIDE for GNU/Linux. (currently they are built on SuSE 8.0) `rhide??' This contains the sources of RHIDE for DJGPP. `rhide-?.?-1.src.rpm' This is a RPM package with the sources of RHIDE for GNU/Linux. NOTE: The sources for the GNU/Linux and DJGPP versions are of course in its core the same, there are only differences in the directory structure and maybe in some preconfigured files. But in general both archives can be used on both systems (after some cosmetic changes). where `??' in the above filenames stand for the digits of the actual version of RHIDE which is as of writing this version
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