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<!-- Copyright (C) 2010-2012 Andrei Pozolotin < rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> All rights reserved. Licensed under the OSI BSD License. --> ## CarrotGarden AWS S3 Publish Plugin ### info this is a [sonatype nexus] ( plugin that does amazon s3 publishing: each time you deploy or cache an artifact into your nexus, that artifact is also published to the aws s3 bucket; additionally, plugin runs a task on schedule which ensures that pre-existing artifacts are also published to the amazon; finally, when plug-in is **enabled** and amazon s3 bucket becomes **unavailable** for any reason, you will not be able to deploy or cache any artifacts in the plugin-configured repositories, until that bucket becomes available again; ### repo maven central has [latest version of the plugin] ( and you are looking for the `````` artifact; ### install you need to unzip plugin bundle into the plugins folder, and then restart the service; for example, you could use the following [] ( or [] ( install scripts; or you could download manually latest [release] ( or [snapshot] ( ### configure you need to create aws s3 bucket and corresponding user or group credentials; for example, here is [minimum required user access policy] ( plug-in installs **default configuration** under: ``` Nexus -> Administration -> Capabilities ``` which needs be configured with your amazon credentials, email address, etc.; if you delete all plugin configurations, default configuration will be re-created again on nexus restart; ![default config screen] ( ### version this plug-in depends on appropriate **nexus** and **nexus-capabilities-plugin** versions; when in doubt, please check ```nexus.version``` and ```nexus-capabilities.version``` in the [project properties] ( of the currently downloaded plug-in bundle; plug-in convention is such, that in plug-in version ```2.2.1-build001``` the ```2.2.1``` means the base nexus version the plug-in is built against, and ```build001``` is plugin build number; ### troubleshoot * remember to select "Enabled" check box and do "Save" after you supplied your credentials and bucket * navigate and refresh : ```Nexus -> Views -> System Feeds -> Error and Warning Events``` * enable plug-in status page and see what's there * grep through nexus.log example error message you will find in ```System Feeds``` for an invalid aws s3 access key: ``` Status Code: 403, AWS Service: Amazon S3, AWS Request ID: 89FA96BD3AD3AF32, AWS Error Code: InvalidAccessKeyId, AWS Error Message: The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records., S3 Extended Request ID: fMHxoVvODIa1DNqASSw4XPF9aBASw1Y+J8lHMxCgrYSvYJQ0LuU+WWowEjtvn0ip at com.amazonaws.http.AmazonHttpClient.handleErrorRespon.. ``` you can also enable plug-in and then try to upload artifact via nexus gui; if you get a message similar to the following, your amazon credentials are likely incorrect: ![upload error] ( ### build your own you can clone this project and build your own plug-in with your changes, following steps similar to example [build script] (
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      Azure问题银行 Q1。 专用端点和服务端点之间的区别! Ans。 以下Microsoft Azure专用端点的定义来自Microsoft Azure文档: “ Azure专用端点是一个网络接口,可将您安全私密地连接到由Azure专用链接提供支持的服务...