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A FIRST INTRODUCTION TO VxD I will introduce you some basic aspects about the VxD programming (don't you think I have much more idea than you, this is my first W95 VxD :-) First you must know that a VxD can do everything we want, no more Ring3 restrictions, you can stop completely the system, read or write any memory address, hook all interrupts or exceptions, take control of the IO ports, for that reason I recomend you to reverse a little WinIce so you could see how these great programmers do it, also is a good idea study a little VxDMonitor,FileMonitor and RegMonitor all from Bryce Cogswell and Mark Russinovich, BTW I have been able to create my VxD thanks to they sourcers, M$ documentation about this makes laught. A VxD has two parts, one is the Initialization Part of Code that is discardable, so when the VxD has been loaded and initializated, the memory area of this code (and it data) is freed, and a locked (permanent) part that is only released when the VxD is unloaded. At the initialization you must perform the critical actions like hooking int,s ,devices, API,s ,etc. Well no more words and lets see it with an example, lets try to intercept timing functions of W95 so we will use it as a TSR for reversing purposes. I will use Hedit 2.0 because it is a 'small' program (although 340Kb is a little overbloated) so everyone could download the program and follow the example easily. Hedit get the system time and then compares it with another stored value and if the system_time is lower than the stored value a good guy is asummed, so we can tell the program we are in the year 1088 and then we will be good guys (quite obvious). If you read my WinIce essay, you will remember that W95 uses the Old Int 21h service 2Ah in order to get the system time, so we will path these service. Our VxD will check all time requests by hooking the Int 21h service 2Ah and then will check if the caller is Hedit gives it a good guy date otherwise lets DOS give the correct date. Easy is it? BTW, I have also added a complete service list with the codes, so you can monitor (or intercept) every call to a service using next function: mov eax,Service_ID mov esi,Our_New_Procedure VmmCall Hook_Device_Service jc Not_Installed mov [Real_Proc],esi Our_New_Proc: Do something jmp [Real_Proc] THE SOURCE (vxdbody.asm) .386p .xlist include include .list ;============================================================================ ; S O M E E Q U ;============================================================================ VXDBODYName EQU <'VXDBODY VXD '> ;Must be 16 chars VXDBODYRev EQU 00H VXDBODY_MAJOR_VERSION EQU 1 VXDBODY_MINOR_VERSION EQU 0 ErrorCode EQU 0FFFFFFFFh ;============================================================================ ; P U B L I C D A T A ;============================================================================ VXD_LOCKED_DATA_SEG FLAGS dd 0 SYS_VM dd 0 LD dd 0 VXD_LOCKED_DATA_ENDS ;=================================== ;D E V I C E D E C L A R A T I O N ;=================================== VXD_LOCKED_CODE_SEG DECLARE_VIRTUAL_DEVICE VXDBODY, \ VXDBODY_MAJOR_VERSION, \ VXDBODY_MINOR_VERSION, \ VXDBODY_Control, , \ UNDEFINED_INIT_ORDER ;================= ;M A I N C O D E ;================= public VXDBODY_Control VXDBODY_Control PROC NEAR Control_Dispatch SYS_DYNAMIC_DEVICE_INIT, VXDBODY_Device_Init Control_Dispatch SYS_DYNAMIC_DEVICE_EXIT, VXDBODY_Device_Exit Control_Dispatch W32_DEVICEIOCONTROL, VXDBODY_ioctl clc ret VXDBODY_Control ENDP Public VXDBODY_ioctl BeginProc VXDBODY_ioctl mov ecx,[esi].dwIoControlCode ; get ioctl code cmp ecx,1 je Function1 cmp ecx,2 je Function2 jmp RetSuccess Function1: ;Here everything you want ;No more Ring3 limitations jmp RetSuccess Function2: ;Here other function ;and so on. jmp RetSuccess RetSuccess: xor eax, eax ;return zero = success clc ret RetFail: mov eax,ErrorCode stc ret EndProc VXDBODY_ioctl BeginProc Our_Int_Handler pushad mov eax,[ebp.Client_EAX] cmp ax,2A00h ;Get_System_Time DOS function? jne Let_DOS_Work xor eax,eax mov FLAGS,eax ;Must be zero VxDCall VWIN32_GetCurrentProcessHandle mov eax,[eax+38h] or al,7 mov LD,eax ;Store the Local Descriptor VmmCall Get_Sys_VM_Handle mov SYS_VM,ebx VmmCall _SelectorMapFlat <SYS_VM,LD,FLAGS> add eax,0F2h ;Now eax points to the caller name mov ebx,[eax] cmp ebx,'ideH' ;Hedit inverted jne Let_DOS_Work mov bl,[eax+4] cmp bl,'t' jne Let_DOS_Work mov [ebp.Client_AX],1 ;Day of week mov [ebp.Client_CX],1088 ;Year mov [ebp.Client_DX],0101h ;Day and Month Is_Hedit: popad clc ;consume the interrupt ret Let_DOS_Work: popad stc ; don't consume the interrupt ret EndProc Our_Int_Handler Public VXDBODY_Device_Exit BeginProc VXDBODY_Device_Exit mov eax, 21h mov esi, OFFSET32 Our_Int_Handler VMMCall UnHook_V86_Int_Chain clc ret EndProc VXDBODY_Device_Exit VXD_LOCKED_CODE_ENDS VXD_ICODE_SEG BeginProc VXDBODY_Device_Init mov eax, 21h mov esi, OFFSET32 Our_Int_Handler VMMCall Hook_V86_Int_Chain clc ret EndProc VXDBODY_Device_Init VXD_ICODE_ENDS end THE DEFINITIONS (vxdbody.def) VXD VXDBODY DYNAMIC SEGMENTS _LPTEXT CLASS 'LCODE' PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE _LTEXT CLASS 'LCODE' PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE _LDATA CLASS 'LCODE' PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE _TEXT CLASS 'LCODE' PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE _DATA CLASS 'LCODE' PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE CONST CLASS 'LCODE' PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE _TLS CLASS 'LCODE' PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE _BSS CLASS 'LCODE' PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE _MSGTABLE CLASS 'MCODE' PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE IOPL _MSGDATA CLASS 'MCODE' PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE IOPL _IMSGTABLE CLASS 'MCODE' PRELOAD DISCARDABLE IOPL _IMSGDATA CLASS 'MCODE' PRELOAD DISCARDABLE IOPL _ITEXT CLASS 'ICODE' DISCARDABLE _IDATA CLASS 'ICODE' DISCARDABLE _PTEXT CLASS 'PCODE' NONDISCARDABLE _PDATA CLASS 'PDATA' NONDISCARDABLE SHARED _STEXT CLASS 'SCODE' RESIDENT _SDATA CLASS 'SCODE' RESIDENT _DBOSTART CLASS 'DBOCODE' PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE CONFORMING _DBOCODE CLASS 'DBOCODE' PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE CONFORMING _DBODATA CLASS 'DBOCODE' PRELOAD NONDISCARDABLE CONFORMING _16ICODE CLASS '16ICODE' PRELOAD DISCARDABLE _RCODE CLASS 'RCODE' EXPORTS VXDBODY_DDB THE MAKEFILE (makefile. ) OBJECTS = vxdbody.obj vxdbody.vxd: $(OBJECTS) vxdbody.def LINK.EXE @<< -VXD -OUT:vxdbody.VXD -DEF:vxdbody.def -MERGE:.bss=_LDATA -MERGE:_PDATA=_PTEXT -COMMENT:"vxdbody VXD" $(OBJECTS) << .asm.obj: set ML=-coff -DBLD_COFF -DIS_32 -nologo -W3 -Zd -c -Cx -DMASM6 -DINITLOG -DDEBLEVEL=1 -DDEBUG -Fl ml -Fo$*.obj $< vxdbody.obj: vxdbody.asm Also I attach a simple programm that opens our vxd and closes it, and (not implemented yet) sends orders to our vxd. Soon more (but you must work at your own) +rcg 1998