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  • 2022-06-08 18:13
ippfp 库提供了在 PHP 中创建和呈现用户界面的方法,与输出格式无关。 它具有 XHTML、GTK 和 ncurses。 您可以创建输入掩码,例如数据库表单等。
<?php /******************************************************************************* * Software: FPDF * * Version: 1.52 * * Date: 2003-12-30 * * Author: Olivier PLATHEY * * License: Freeware * * * * You may use, modify and redistribute this software as you wish. * *******************************************************************************/ if(!class_exists('FPDF')) { define('FPDF_VERSION','1.52'); class FPDF { //Private properties var $page; //current page number var $n; //current object number var $offsets; //array of object offsets var $buffer; //buffer holding in-memory PDF var $pages; //array containing pages var $state; //current document state var $compress; //compression flag var $DefOrientation; //default orientation var $CurOrientation; //current orientation var $OrientationChanges; //array indicating orientation changes var $k; //scale factor (number of points in user unit) var $fwPt,$fhPt; //dimensions of page format in points var $fw,$fh; //dimensions of page format in user unit var $wPt,$hPt; //current dimensions of page in points var $w,$h; //current dimensions of page in user unit var $lMargin; //left margin var $tMargin; //top margin var $rMargin; //right margin var $bMargin; //page break margin var $cMargin; //cell margin var $x,$y; //current position in user unit for cell positioning var $lasth; //height of last cell printed var $LineWidth; //line width in user unit var $CoreFonts; //array of standard font names var $fonts; //array of used fonts var $FontFiles; //array of font files var $diffs; //array of encoding differences var $images; //array of used images var $PageLinks; //array of links in pages var $links; //array of internal links var $FontFamily; //current font family var $FontStyle; //current font style var $underline; //underlining flag var $CurrentFont; //current font info var $FontSizePt; //current font size in points var $FontSize; //current font size in user unit var $DrawColor; //commands for drawing color var $FillColor; //commands for filling color var $TextColor; //commands for text color var $ColorFlag; //indicates whether fill and text colors are different var $ws; //word spacing var $AutoPageBreak; //automatic page breaking var $PageBreakTrigger; //threshold used to trigger page breaks var $InFooter; //flag set when processing footer var $ZoomMode; //zoom display mode var $LayoutMode; //layout display mode var $title; //title var $subject; //subject var $author; //author var $keywords; //keywords var $creator; //creator var $AliasNbPages; //alias for total number of pages /******************************************************************************* * * * Public methods * * * *******************************************************************************/ function FPDF($orientation='P',$unit='mm',$format='A4') { //Some checks $this->_dochecks(); //Initialization of properties $this->page=0; $this->n=2; $this->buffer=''; $this->pages=array(); $this->OrientationChanges=array(); $this->state=0; $this->fonts=array(); $this->FontFiles=array(); $this->diffs=array(); $this->images=array(); $this->links=array(); $this->InFooter=false; $this->lasth=0; $this->FontFamily=''; $this->FontStyle=''; $this->FontSizePt=12; $this->underline=false; $this->DrawColor='0 G'; $this->FillColor='0 g'; $this->TextColor='0 g'; $this->ColorFlag=false; $this->ws=0; //Standard fonts $this->CoreFonts=array('courier'=>'Courier','courierB'=>'Courier-Bold','courierI'=>'Courier-Oblique','courierBI'=>'Courier-BoldOblique', 'helvetica'=>'Helvetica','helveticaB'=>'Helvetica-Bold','helveticaI'=>'Helvetica-Oblique','helveticaBI'=>'Helvetica-BoldOblique', 'times'=>'Times-Roman','timesB'=>'Times-Bold','timesI'=>'Times-Italic','timesBI'=>'Times-BoldItalic', 'symbol'=>'Symbol','zapfdingbats'=>'ZapfDingbats'); //Scale factor if($unit=='pt') $this->k=1; elseif($unit=='mm') $this->k=72/25.4; elseif($unit=='cm') $this->k=72/2.54; elseif($unit=='in') $this->k=72; else $this->Error('Incorrect unit: '.$unit); //Page format if(is_string($format)) { $format=strtolower($format); if($format=='a3') $format=array(841.89,1190.55); elseif($format=='a4') $format=array(595.28,841.89); elseif($format=='a5') $format=array(420.94,595.28); elseif($format=='letter') $format=array(612,792); elseif($format=='legal') $format=array(612,1008); else $this->Error('Unknown page format: '.$format); $this->fwPt=$format[0]; $this->fhPt=$format[1]; } else { $this->fwPt=$format[0]*$this->k; $this->fhPt=$format[1]*$this->k; } $this->fw=$this->fwPt/$this->k; $this->fh=$this->fhPt/$this->k; //Page orientation $orientation=strtolower($orientation); if($orientation=='p' or $orientation=='portrait') { $this->DefOrientation='P'; $this->wPt=$this->fwPt; $this->hPt=$this->fhPt; } elseif($orientation=='l' or $orientation=='landscape') { $this->DefOrientation='L'; $this->wPt=$this->fhPt; $this->hPt=$this->fwPt; } else $this->Error('Incorrect orientation: '.$orientation); $this->CurOrientation=$this->DefOrientation; $this->w=$this->wPt/$this->k; $this->h=$this->hPt/$this->k; //Page margins (1 cm) $margin=28.35/$this->k; $this->SetMargins($margin,$margin); //Interior cell margin (1 mm) $this->cMargin=$margin/10; //Line width (0.2 mm) $this->LineWidth=.567/$this->k; //Automatic page break $this->SetAutoPageBreak(true,2*$margin); //Full width display mode $this->SetDisplayMode('fullwidth'); //Compression $this->SetCompression(true); } function SetMargins($left,$top,$right=-1) { //Set left, top and right margins $this->lMargin=$left; $this->tMargin=$top; if($right==-1) $right=$left; $this->rMargin=$right; } function SetLeftMargin($margin) { //Set left margin $this->lMargin=$margin; if($this->page>0 and $this->x<$margin) $this->x=$margin; } function SetTopMargin($margin) { //Set top margin $this->tMargin=$margin; } function SetRightMargin($margin) { //Set right margin $this->rMargin=$margin; } function SetAutoPageBreak($auto,$margin=0) { //Set auto page break mode and triggering margin $this->AutoPageBreak=$auto; $this->bMargin=$margin; $this->PageBreakTrigger=$this->h-$margin; } function SetDisplayMode($zoom,$layout='continuous') { //Set display mode in viewer if($zoom=='fullpage' or $zoom=='fullwidth' or $zoom=='real' or $zoom=='default' or !is_string($zoom)) $this->ZoomMode=$zoom; else $this->Error('Incorrect zoom display mode: '.$zoom); if($layout=='single' or $layout=='continuous' or $layout=='two' or $layout=='default') $this->LayoutMode=$layout; else $this->Error('Incorrect layout