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howto_co34pt_liveCode 关于 howto_co34pt_liveCode试图广泛记录我的现场编码音乐实践。 我以现场编码的方式,主要制作舞曲(包括为制作的音乐),但我也将现场编码用作一些一部分。 此存储库包含此内容页面中列出的许多文章和文章,这些文章和文章从头开始涵盖我的实时编码实践的各个方面,还包含许多文件,以支持您以我的方式使用SuperCollider。 有关更多信息,请参见“此回购协议是什么” 该资源托管和(您可能已经在其中之一上)。 我建议浏览GitHub页面上的文章,如果您想使用任何示例,请参阅任何SuperCollider代码并使用我的设置,我建议下载该存储库,这将在“如何使用此存储库”中进行介绍。 在epub , pdf和pages格式的Documents文件夹中,也有此回购的“第一版”的电子书版本。 非常感谢@shamansir将它们组合在一起。
# howto_co34pt_liveCode ----------------- ### About howto_co34pt_liveCode is an attempt to extensively document my live-coding music practice. I live code as [co¥ᄀpt](, mostly making dance music (including for [Algoraves](, but I have also employed live coding as part of some [other projects]( This repo contains a number of articles and essays listed in this contents page which cover various aspects of my live coding practice from the ground up, and also contains a number of files to support your use of SuperCollider in the way that I use it. More info about this in 'What This Repo Is' This resource is hosted both [on GitHub]( and [on GitHub Pages]( (you will likely already be on one of these). I'd recommend browsing articles on GitHub pages, and if you want to use any of the examples, see any SuperCollider code and use my setup I'd recommend downloading the repo, this will be covered in 'How To Use This Repo'. There is also e-book versions of the 'first edition' of this repo in the `Documents` folder in `epub`, `pdf` and `pages` format. Huge thanks to @shamansir for putting these together. This repository is currently mostly finished, but does need proofreading, which I will be doing soon. It will be continually updated as my live coding practice develops. I'm always keen to know the ways in which this has been helpful to anyone, or any comments you have at all. Drop me a line on [Twitter](, [GitHub]( or via [Email](mailto:theseancotterill atsign live period com) ### CONTENTS 1. Introduction: 1. [What this Repo Is]( 1. [Why I live Code]( 1. [Why SuperCollider?]( 1. [How To Use This Repo]( 1. Basics: 1. [Recommended Addons]( 1. [ProxySpace - Live Coding in SuperCollider]( 1. [Setup Code: Making Performance Easier]( 1. [Pbinds and Patterns: The Basics]( 1. Rhythm: 1. [Rhythmic Construction for Algorave Sets]( 1. [Basic Rhythms]( 1. [Techniques for Modifying Rhythm]( 1. [Euclidean Rhythms]( 1. [StageLimiter Abuse]( 1. [L-Systems for Rhythm]( 1. [Looping](3-7-Looping) 1. Melody and Pitch: 1. [Pitch and Patterns]( 1. [Types of Pitch Arrangement]( 1. [Riffs]( 1. [Pitch and Static Synths]( 1. [Between Pitch and Noise]( 1. [Good SynthDef Writing for co34pt_livecode]( 1. [Using MIDI](4-7-MIDI) 1. Non-Pattern Techniques: 1. [Drones]( 1. [SuperCollider as a Modular Synth]( 1. Visuals: 1. [FreqScope and Visuals](6-1-FreqScope-and-Visuals) 1. [OSC and Data Streams](6-2-OSC-and-Data-Streams) 1. [Using Datasets](6-3-Using-Datasets) If any content does not work, please open an issue/pull request. These examples have been tested on *ubuntu 16.10 only thus far.