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这是什么项目 GenerativeMagic是( 对生成性魔术诠释,即将用于魔术艺术。 什么是生成魔术? 它是由计算机,该项目创造的计算机自动化设计和计算机艺术领域创造,增强或建议的魔术。 计算机如何创造魔力? 埃尔姆斯利(Elmsley)和许多其他魔术师演绎了配方,创造出惊人的效果。 现在,我们可以发现,结合生成生成的魔术,并产生无限的可能性。 计算机可以通过多种方式辅助魔术的创造过程。 该项目旨在但不限于以下主题: 可以创建新的效果 可以建议一种新的效果来改善现有的常规 产生新的神奇动作,惯例和行为 建议即兴效果 每次魔术师展示时都会生成独特的例程 使用自然语言处理现有和新例程生成脚本 目录魔术动作 创建关于魔术效果,例行程序和行为的计算机可理解词典 通过使用计算机视觉来随机产生控制 通过限制运动来产生不受控制的效果的控制 随机产生控制权 慢慢了解并控制整套项目(例如卡片),并
## What is this project? GenerativeMagic is [Guilherme Silveira's](https://www.linkedin.com/in/guilhermeazevedosilveira) interpretation on generative magic, the use of [Generative Design](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generative_design) for the magic art. And what is generative magic? It is magic created, enhanced or suggested by a computer, a field of computer-automated design and computer art coined by this project. ## How can a computer create magic? Elmsley and many other magicians deduced formulas to create amazing effects. Now we can discover, combine and generate infinite possibilities with generative magic. Computers can aid in the creation process of magic in several ways. This project aims but is not limited to the following topics: - a new effect can be created - a new effect can be suggested to improve an existing routine - generate new magical movements, routines and acts - suggest impromptu effects - generate unique routines every time a magician presents - generate scripts using natural language processing for existing and new routines - catalog magical movements - create a computer understandable lexicon of magical effects, routines and acts - generate control out of randomness by using computer vision - generate control out of uncontrolled effects by placing boundaries on movements - generate control out of randomness - slowly get to know and control an entire set of items (i.e. cards) as they are revealed, "re-sequencing" live - create improvisation for beginners, using techniques that they already master - generating NLP based excuses for non-natural movements in magic ## How to begin using it? - Explore the examples directory (or) - Contact your favorite magician who uses GenerativeMagic ## It looks like you want control of the cards? Yes and no. Once the computer knows the current state of the deck, it has the power to guide the magician. So even a shuffled deck can be spread, recognized using - for instance - computer vision and we start the process of generation. ## Can I use with shuffled decks? Yes, use computer vision or any other approach to encode the current shuffled deck into the generative process. ## Is this restricted to card magic? So far the implementation is done based on card effects. Simple and gaffed cards can be used. Stacked, memorized, shuffled. Anyone can jump in and add support to other props. ## Is this also a library for creating magic apps? No and yes. GenerativeMagic will help you create something new, and then make use of that. ## What is runtime/showtime? In computer science we say runtime is when the program is running. However, GenerativeMagic will run before the show to set up the presentation and also during the show. We make the distinction of those two performance moments by using the words *setup time* and *showtime*. Setup time is not the best word, suggestions are welcome. ## Can you explain me how it works? Magic effects are often taught and sold as fixed effects, but most of them are parameterized. Those parameters come from a parameter space (the feasible region) which can be either explored to find new magic, or to control the effect's output. Magical movements are often random but can switched to deterministic, controlled or understood behaviour under a few circumstances, for example: - online live magic sessions allows the magician to capture the current setup of a volunteers deck - parametrized inputs can guarantee deterministic output even in random selections - picking up packets of cards can be controlled instead of randomized Parametric design rules can be used to generate simple rules and complex effects. ## Where is the human-readable routine description for each magic effect? Most of the routine description for magic effects are in their respective books, dvds etc. ## What do I need to do after I generate a new effect, routine etc with Generative Magic? - Let us know about your creation, we would be very happy to see it being used by more and more artists - Remember to give credit to Generative Magic, as you would do with any other magician. - Contribute with your code, customization etc, if possible ## Why make its code public? I grew in a community of open source and shared knowledge. I am the founder of a school, so I was heavily involved in education. Both approaches value sharing its knowledge with others interested on it. I understand knowledge will growth faster if shared, and more people who would not have access to it now can have it too. I am not sharing it with spectators, but with those who want to learn it. ## Do I have to pay to run it? No. Let me know when you make use of it ;) ## Can I execute the routine you created? Just like any art form, if you use a tool, and your own input to create an art piece, it is your art. If I used it first, with my input, to create a magic routine, it is my art.