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React简历生成器 一个用于创建和设计简历并转换为字母或A4格式的PDF的React项目。 这个项目适合您吗 如果您是一名前锋,希望使用自己喜欢和每天使用的工具设计简历,那么可以。 入门 克隆存储库 git clone cd react-resume-builder 安装依赖项并启动项目 npm i npm start 下载为PDF 完成填写和设计简历后,您可以通过运行以下命令将其转换为PDF npm run convert-pdf -- [options] 选项 --paperSize One of 'a4' or 'letter'. alias -p 新的pdf文件将在output/目录中生成。 注意:运行此命令不会覆盖以前生成的简历。 设计简历 您可以在
react-resume-builder ----- A React project to create and design your resume and convert to PDF in letter or A4 format. Is This Project For You ------- If you are a frontender who is looking to design a resume with the tools that you love and use daily then yes. Getting Started ------- Clone the repository ``` git clone cd react-resume-builder ``` Install dependencies and start the project ``` npm i npm start ``` Download to PDF -------- Once you finish with filling and designing your resume you can convert it to PDF by running this command ``` npm run convert-pdf -- [options] ``` Options ``` --paperSize One of 'a4' or 'letter'. alias -p ``` A new pdf file will be generated in the `output/` directory. **NOTE:** Running this command will NOT override the previous generated resumes. Design Your Resume ------- You can find all resume templates under [/src/components](/src/components) directory. All templates will follow this folder structure ``` ├── ResumeTemplate # Template directory ├── index.js # Main component file ├── Utils # Utility components for this template ├── Sections # All supported sections components ├── Layout # Resume layout components e.g. LeftColumn ``` Fill in Your Resume Data ------- You can find all the data you need to change under [/src/resume](/src/resume) directory. Motivation Behind This Project ------- Designing a resume is a tedious task specially for someone who doesn't have experience with design tools like Photoshop or Illustrator. Most people end up having to use one of the online resume builders which are great but sometimes they dont provide the flexiblity you are looking for. In [ResumeInDesign]( we want to change that, that's why we built []( ofcourse but also this tool to let frontenders design their own resume with the tools they love and use daily. Vision ------- This is an open source project and will always be, we will keep adding more and more resume template designs as we go. This project will be maintained by [ResumeInDesign]( team but we welcome any contribution. License ------ This project is licensed under the MIT license, Copyright (c) 2018 [ResumeInDesign]( For more information see [](/
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