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//------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Readme.txt //------------------------------------------------------------------------ This project stationery is designed to get you up and running quickly with CodeWarrior for MC9S12DG128B. It is set up for the selected CPU and target connection, but can be easily modified. Sample code for the following language(s) is at your disposal: - C The wizard has prepared CodeWarrior target(s) with the connection methods of your choice: - Freescale Full Chip Simulation: Select this connection to use the HCS12\HCS12X Full Chip Simulation. This connection also allows to use the Freescale Instruction Set Simulator. In case Full Chip Simulation for the selected derivative is not available, a basic Full Chip Simulation is available. - TBDML: This Connection allows to debug with the TBDML BDM cable. Additional connections can be chosen in the simulator/debugger, use the menu Component > Set Target. //------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Getting Started //------------------------------------------------------------------------ To build/debug your project, use the menu Project > Debug or press F5. This will open the simulator/debugger. Press again F5 in the debugger (or menu Run > Start/Continue) to start the application. The menu Run > Halt or F6 stops the application. In the debugger menu Component > Open you can load additional components. //------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Project structure //------------------------------------------------------------------------ The project generated contains various files/folders: - readme.txt: this file - Sources: folder with the application source code - Startup Code: C/C++ startup code (initializing stack pointer and doing global variable initialization). If you want to only do stack pointer initialization, add -D__ONLY_INIT_SP to the compiler command line. - Prm: - burner.bbl file to generate S-Records - the linker .prm file - Linker Map: the .map file generated by the linker - Libraries: needed library files (ANSI, derivative header/implementation files) - Debugger Project File: contains a .ini file for the debugger for each connection - Debugger Cmd Files: contains sub-folders for each connection with command files //------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Adding your own code //------------------------------------------------------------------------ Once everything is working as expected, you can begin adding your own code to the project. Keep in mind that we provide this as an example of how to get up and running quickly with CodeWarrior. There are certainly other ways to handle interrupts and set up your linker command file. Feel free to modify any of the source files provided. // Simulator/Debugger: Additional components //------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the simulator/debugger, you can load additional components. Try the menu Component > Open. //------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Additional documentation //------------------------------------------------------------------------ Read the online documentation provided. Use in CodeWarrior IDE the menu Help > CodeWarrior Help. //------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Contacting Metrowerks //------------------------------------------------------------------------ For bug reports, technical questions, and suggestions, please use the forms installed in the Release_Notes folder and send them to:
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