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# GetJS [![License](https://img.shields.io/badge/license-MIT-_red.svg)](https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT) [![contributions welcome](https://img.shields.io/badge/contributions-welcome-brightgreen.svg?style=flat)](https://github.com/003random/getJS/issues) getJS is a tool to extract all the javascript files from a set of given urls. The urls can also be piped to getJS, or you can specify a singel url with the -url argument. getJS offers a range of options, varying from completing the urls, to resolving the files. ## Prerequisites Make sure you have [GO](https://golang.org/) installed on your system. ### Installing getJS is written in GO. You can install it with `go get`: ``` go get github.com/003random/getJS ``` # Usage Note: When you supply urls from different sources, e.g. with stdin and an input file, it will add all the urls together :) Example: `echo "https://github.com" | getJS -url=https://example.com -input=domains.txt` To get all options, do: ```bash getJS -h ``` | Flag | Description | Example | |------|-------------|---------| | -url | The url to get the javascript sources from | getJS -url=htt<span></span>ps://poc-server.com | | -input | Input file with urls | getJS -input=domains.txt | | -output | The file where to save the output to | getJS -output=output.txt | | -verbose | Display info of what is going on | getJS -verbose | | -complete | Complete the urls. e.g. /js/index.js -> htt<span></span>ps://example.<span></span>com/js/index.js | getJS -complete | | -resolve | Resolve the output and filter out the non existing files (Can only be used in combination with -complete) | getJS -complete -resolve | | -nocolors | Don't color the output | getJS -nocolors | ## Examples ![screenshot](https://poc-server.com/getJS/screenshot_.png) getJS supports stdin data. To pipe urls to getJS, use the following: ```bash $ cat domains.txt | getJS ``` To save the js files, you can use: ```bash $ getJS -url=https://poc-server.com | xargs wget ``` If you would like the output to be in JSON format, you can combine it with [@Tomnomnom's](https://github.com/tomnomnom) [toJSON](https://github.com/tomnomnom/hacks/tree/master/tojson): ```bash $ getJS -url=https://poc-server.com | tojson ``` To feed urls from a file use: ```bash $ getJS -input=domains.txt ``` To save the results to a file, and don't display anything, use: ```bash $ getJS -url=https://poc-server.com -output=results.txt ``` If you want to have a list of full urls as output use: ```bash $ getJS -url=domains.txt -complete ``` If you want to only show the existing js files, use: ```bash $ getJS -url=domains.txt -complete -resolve ``` ## Built With * [GO](http://golang.org/) - GOlanguage * [Goquery](https://github.com/PuerkitoBio/goquery) - HTML parser with syntaxes like jquery, in GO ## Contributing You are free to submit any issues and/or pull requests :) ## License This project is licensed under the MIT License. ## Acknowledgments * [@jimen0](https://github.com/jimen0) for helping getting me started with GO --- *This is my first tool written in GO. I created it to learn the language more. Please don't hate on my coding style xD (useful feeback is always welcome!)*