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T-MATS ========== Toolbox for the Modeling and Analysis of Thermodynamic Systems <br> <meta name="keywords" content="T-MATS, TMATS, Control System, Numerical Methods, Newton-Raphson, Jacobian Calculation, Propulsion, Aircraft Engine, Jet, Turbofan, Turbojet, Compressor, Turbine, Nozzle, Inlet, open source, simulation, modeling, NASA, thermodynamics, turbomachinery, MATLAB, Simulink, jet, engine, etc."> <meta name="google-site-verification" content="nqMigEmX-6lqKvj4sewxDamtZEXHEvE1VfzjVRZoJ40" /> <b> <a href= "" rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'>Click Here</a> for stable release download</b> <br> For questions, comments, and general support see the <b> <a href= "!forum/t-mats-user-group" rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'>T-MATS user's forum</a></b>. <br> Please take a moment and fill out our <b> <a href= "" rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'>Survey</a></b>, user interest and feedback allows us to continue working on this package.<br><br> <b>Introduction</b> <br> The Toolbox for the Modeling and Analysis of Thermodynamic Systems (T-MATS) is a Simulink toolbox intended for use in the modeling and simulation of thermodynamic systems and their controls. T-MATS contains generic thermodynamic and controls components that may be combined with a variable input iterative solver and optimization algorithm to create complex systems to meet the needs of a developer. Development of this tool was initiated on behalf of the NASA Aviation Safety Program's Vehicle Systems Safety Technologies (VSST) project. <br><br> <b>Description</b> <br> The T-MATS software provides a toolbox for the development of thermodynamic system models; it contains a simulation framework, multi-loop solver techniques, and modular thermodynamic simulation blocks. While much of the capability in T-MATS is in transient thermodynamic simulation, the developers' main interests are in aero-thermal applications; as such, one highlight of the T-MATS software package is the turbomachinery block set. This set of Simulink blocks gives a developer the tools required to create virtually any steady state or dynamic turbomachinery simulation, e.g., a gas turbine simulation. In systems where the control or other related systems are modeled in MATLAB/Simulink, the T-MATS developer has the ability to create the complete system in a single tool. <br><br> T-MATS is written in MATLAB/Simulink (The Mathworks, Inc.), is open source, and is intended for use by industry, government, and academia. All T-MATS equations were developed from public sources and all default maps and constants provided in the T-MATS software package are nonproprietary and available to the public. The software is released under the Apache V2.0 license agreement. <br><br> <b>Getting Started</b> <br> Stable releases of T-MATS are located under the <a href= "" rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'>releases tab</a>. It is encouraged that a user download the most up to date version using the appropriate software download button (green button). Installation instructions are detailed in the user's manual which is included within the package. <br><br> T-MATS encourages open collaboration and if a user wishes to become a developer the software may be forked at any time via the main page link.
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