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人工任务经理 安装 安装numpy , pandas和fuzzywuzzy 。 克隆仓库。 将以下宏添加到您的.bashrc文件中,并将存储库的位置替换为DIR htm () { cPWD= $( pwd ) cd DIR python -c " from htm import *; print( $1 ) " cd $cPWD } # For piping htmp () { cPWD= $( pwd ) cd DIR python -c " from htm import *; print( $1 .to_markdown()) " cd $cPWD } alias hs= ' htm "sample()" ' alias hsh= ' htm "samplehours()" ' alias he= ' htm "e
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# Human Task Manager ## Installation Install `numpy`, `pandas`, and `fuzzywuzzy`. Clone the repo. Add the following macros to your `.bashrc` file, and replace the location of the repo to `DIR` ```bash htm() { cPWD=$(pwd) cd DIR python -c "from htm import *; print($1)" cd $cPWD } # For piping htmp() { cPWD=$(pwd) cd DIR python -c "from htm import *; print($1.to_markdown())" cd $cPWD } alias hs='htm "sample()"' alias hsh='htm "samplehours()"' alias he='htm "edit_task()"' alias hp='htm "sortload()[print_cols]"' alias hph='htm "sortloadhard()[print_cols]"' alias ha='htm "add_tasks()"' alias hd='htm "del_tasks()"' alias hst='htm "printstats()"' alias hsoon='htm "get_soon()"' alias hpp='htmp "sortload()"' ``` ## Commands Control the task manager from the terminal. All tasks will be stored in `tasks.csv`. You can use `<ctl-c>` to break out of a command, or type `q`. - Print all tasks, sorted by score, with `hp`. - Add tasks with `ha`. - Delete a task with `hd`. - Edit parts tasks with `he`. - Choose a random tasks, weighted by score, with `hs`. - Choose a random tasks, weighted by hours/day, with `hsh`. - Print the tasks due soon with `hsoon`. - Print statistics about upcoming tasks with `hst`. For commands requiring you to identify a task, you can use fuzzy search. e.g., "finish paper" will match to "need to finish paper on X". For commands requiring a date, you can use generic strings like `Monday`, `2021-05-01`, `February 1`, etc., and the date parser will try to identify the date. ## Columns - `task`: Name of the task. - `score`: How important it is that you work on the task today. - `etc`: Estimated time to completion, in hours. - `hours/day`: How many hours per day you need to work on it to finish by the deadline. - `due`: When the task is due. - `hard`: Whether the deadline is hard (1) - meaning a hard deadline, soft (0.5) - meaning you would like to finish by this date, but it's not the end of the world, or nonexistent (0) - meaning it is an arbitrary date you want to aim for. - `repeat`: Whether to reset the due date after the deadline has passed to this number of days in the future. Useful for weekly/monthly deadly. `0` means no repeat.
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