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松露调试器 :warning: 此仓库已弃用 :warning: Truffle已将所有模块移至 truffle的monorepo中。 到那边见! 可移植的Solidity调试器库,可与或不与Truffle一起使用。 特征: 稳固性步进和断点 变量检查 观看表情 和更多! API文档 可以在找到该库的API文档。 图书馆使用 :warning: 该文档当前正在开发中。 请参阅truffle debug命令提供的。 必填参数 要启动松露调试器会话,您需要执行以下操作: txHash交易哈希(前缀0x ),用于调试交易 provider一个web3提供者实例(请参阅 ) contracts -合同对象数组,具有以下属性: contractName名称 source -完整的密实度的源代码 sourcePath (可选)磁盘上Solidity文件的路径 ast -Solidity编译器的输出AST(新样式,不是lega
# truffle-debugger ----------------------- ### :warning: This repo is deprecated :warning: **Truffle has moved all modules to a monorepo at [trufflesuite/truffle]( See you over there!** ----------------------- Portable Solidity debugger library, for use with or without Truffle. ![Debugger in Action]( Features: - Solidity stepping and breakpoints - Variable inspection - Watch expressions - and more! ## API Documentation API Documentation for this library can be found at []( ## Library Usage _:warning: This documentation is currently a work in progress. Please see the [reference integration]( provided by the `truffle debug` command._ ### Required Parameters To start a truffle-debugger session, you'll need the following: - `txHash` - A transaction hash (prefixed with `0x`), for the transaction to debug - `provider` - A web3 provider instance (see [web3.js]( - `contracts` - An array of contract objects, with the following properties: - `contractName` - The name of the contract - `source` - The full Solidity source code - `sourcePath` - (optional) the path to the Solidity file on disk - `ast` - The Solidity compiler's output AST (new style, not `legacyAST`) - `binary` - `0x`-prefixed string with the binary used to create a contract instance - `sourceMap` - The Solidity compiler output source map for the creation binary - `deployedBinary` - `0x`-prefixed string with the on-chain binary for a contract instance - `deployedSourceMap` - The source map corresponding to the on-chain binary (from the Solidity compiler) Optionally (and recommended), you can also provide a `files` argument: - `files` - An array of sourcePaths representing file indexes (from `solc` or `truffle-compile`) ### Invocation 1. Start the debugger session by constructing a Debugger instance with `.forTx()` and then `.connect()` to it: ```javascript import Debugger from "truffle-debugger"; let bugger = await Debugger .forTx(txHash, { contracts, files, provider }); let session = bugger.connect(); ``` 2. Resolve the session's `ready()` promise: ```javascript await session.ready(); ``` 3. Use the provided public methods on the `session` instance in order to step through the trace for the transaction: ```javascript session.stepNext(); session.stepOver(); session.stepInto(); ``` 4. Access data provided by the debugger via the `session.view()` interface, and the provided selectors: ```javascript let { ast, data, evm, solidity, trace } = Debugger.selectors; let variables = session.view(data.current.identifiers.native); let sourceRange = session.view(solidity.current.sourceRange); ``` ### Useful API Docs References - [**`Session` class docs**]( - **Docs for selectors:** - [**`ast` selectors**]( - [**`data` selectors**]( - [**`evm` selectors**]( - [**`solidity` selectors**]( - [**`trace` selectors**]( ## Contributing It's our goal that this library should serve as a reliable and well-maintained tool for the Solidity ecosystem. Ultimately, we hope to support all language features and meet the varied requirements of a mature debugging library. We believe that a good Solidity debugger belongs to the community. We welcome, with our most humble gratitude, any and all community efforts in bringing this debugger closer to that goal. If you find something broken or missing, please open an issue! Some other ideas for how to get involved: - Bug fix PRs - Documentation improvements - Additional tests - unit tests and integration - Technical discussion (ways to improve architecture, etc.) Thank you for all the continued support. :bow:
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