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嗨,我是布伦丹 :waving_hand: :man::graduation_cap: 我是EIT认证的土木工程师 :seedling: 有抱负的Web开发人员 :man::boy: 还有一个父亲 目前正在和学习中。 :thinking_face: 下一步和React :speech_balloon: AWS :closed_mailbox_with_raised_flag: MongoDB的 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: 使用Strapi和Amplify创建api :high_voltage: 任何实用而有趣的东西 2021年目标 :selfie: 与另一个开发人员合作(打我!) :mechanical_arm: 在科技界建立更多联系 :flexed_biceps: 总是推动自己成为一个更好的人 :heart_suit: 给别人留下积极的印象 是什么导致我学习如何编程? 到了2020年1月,这在世界上都是正常的(多数情况下),我有一个暑期的工程实习机会,以及我12月毕业时的工作机会。 随着COVID-19的进展,我可以理
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# Hi there, I'm Brendan 👋 - 👨‍🎓 I’m an *EIT* certified **Civil Engineer** - 🌱 An aspiring web-developer - 👨‍👦 And also a father ## Currently working with & learning.. - 🤔 Next & React - 💬 AWS - 📫 MongoDB - 😄 Creating api's with Strapi & Amplify - ⚡ Anything practical and interesting ## 2021 goals.. - 🤳 Collaborate with another developer (hit me up!) - 🦾 Make more connections in the tech world - 💪 Always push myself to become a better person - ♥ Leave a positive impression on others ## What lead me to learn how to program? It's January 2020, all is normal in the world (mostly), I had an engineering internship lined up for the summer along with a job offer for when I graduated in December. As COVID-19 progressed, I understandably lost that offer. I quickly turned my dissapointment into a drive to improve in and learn a second skillset. </br> </br> I had just finished an engineering course that relied heavily on MatLab to impliment something called the *matrix displacement method*. The types of problems we solved in this class were monotonous, repetitive, and were begging to be solved by functions and loops. My first successful MatLab program was a very satisfying experience that took a lot of time to finish. By the end of the semester I started to think more confidently and my mind would start wandering about applying simple programming concepts to things other than my civil engineering course. </br> </br> This lead me to purchasing the book [Crash Course in Python](https://www.amazon.com/Python-Crash-Course-2nd-Edition/dp/1593279280/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=) by [Eric Matthes](https://twitter.com/ehmatthes). This book really got me fired up about programming and helped push me out of my MatLab comfort zone and motivated me to learn how to make killer web-applications. </br> </br> Don't hesitate to reach out and chat, collaborate, or anything else you may need assistance with I'd be glad to help. Thanks for taking the time to checkout my profile! <hr> ![Github_profile_readme](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/64326462/112737054-f912ef00-8f2d-11eb-859f-159ba2e2ae54.png)