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前端导师-确保登陆页面 欢迎! :waving_hand: 感谢您检查此前端编码挑战。 挑战可帮助您构建现实的项目,从而提高您的编码技能。 为了应对这一挑战,您需要对HTML和CSS有基本的了解。 挑战 您面临的挑战是建立此登录页面并使它看起来尽可能接近设计。 您可以使用任何喜欢的工具来帮助您完成挑战。 因此,如果您有想要练习的东西,请随时尝试。 您的用户应该能够: 根据设备的屏幕尺寸查看网站的最佳布局 查看页面上所有互动元素的悬停状态 需要挑战方面的支持吗? 并在#help频道中提问。 在哪里找到所有东西 您的任务是将项目扩展到/design文件夹中的/design 。 您将找到该设计的移动版本和桌面版本。 设计为JPG静态格式。 使用JPG意味着您需要对诸如font-size , padding和margin样式做出最好的判断。 如果您希望设计文件(我们提供Sketch和Figma版本)更详
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# Frontend Mentor - Insure landing page ![Design preview for the Insure landing page coding challenge](./design/desktop-preview.jpg) ## Welcome! 👋 Thanks for checking out this front-end coding challenge. [Frontend Mentor]( challenges help you improve your coding skills by building realistic projects. **To do this challenge, you need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.** ## The challenge Your challenge is to build out this landing page and get it looking as close to the design as possible. You can use any tools you like to help you complete the challenge. So if you've got something you'd like to practice, feel free to give it a go. Your users should be able to: - View the optimal layout for the site depending on their device's screen size - See hover states for all interactive elements on the page Want some support on the challenge? [Join our Slack community]( and ask questions in the **#help** channel. ## Where to find everything Your task is to build out the project to the designs inside the `/design` folder. You will find both a mobile and a desktop version of the design. The designs are in JPG static format. Using JPGs will mean that you'll need to use your best judgment for styles such as `font-size`, `padding` and `margin`. If you would like the design files (we provide Sketch & Figma versions) to inspect the design in more detail, you can [subscribe as a PRO member]( You will find all the required assets in the `/images` folder. The assets are already optimized. There is also a `` file containing the information you'll need, such as color palette and fonts. ## Building your project Feel free to use any workflow that you feel comfortable with. Below is a suggested process, but do not feel like you need to follow these steps: 1. Initialize your project as a public repository on [GitHub]( Creating a repo will make it easier to share your code with the community if you need help. If you're not sure how to do this, [have a read-through of this Try Git resource]( 2. Configure your repository to publish your code to a web address. This will also be useful if you need some help during a challenge as you can share the URL for your project with your repo URL. There are a number of ways to do this, and we provide some recommendations below. 3. Look through the designs to start planning out how you'll tackle the project. This step is crucial to help you think ahead for CSS classes to create reusable styles. 4. Before adding any styles, structure your content with HTML. Writing your HTML first can help focus your attention on creating well-structured content. 5. Write out the base styles for your project, including general content styles, such as `font-family` and `font-size`. 6. Start adding styles to the top of the page and work down. Only move on to the next section once you're happy you've completed the area you're working on. ## Deploying your project As mentioned above, there are many ways to host your project for free. Our recommend hosts are: - [GitHub Pages]( - [Vercel]( - [Netlify]( You can host your site using one of these solutions or any of our other trusted providers. [Read more about our recommended and trusted hosts]( ## Create a custom `` We strongly recommend overwriting this `` with a custom one. We've provided a template inside the [``](./ file in this starter code. The template provides a guide for what to add. A custom `README` will help you explain your project and reflect on your learnings. Please feel free to edit our template as much as you like. Once you've added your information to the template, delete this file and rename the `` file to ``. That will make it show up as your repository's README file. ## Submitting your solution Submit your solution on the platform for the rest of the community to see. Follow our ["Complete guide to submitting solutions"]( for tips on how to do this. Remember, if you're looking for feedback on your solution, be sure to ask questions when submitting it. The more specific and detailed you are with your questions, the higher the chance you'll get valuable feedback from the community. ## Sharing your solution There are multiple places you can share your solution: 1. Share your solution page in the **#finished-projects** channel of the [Slack community]( 2. Tweet [@frontendmentor]( and mention **@frontendmentor**, including the repo and live URLs in the tweet. We'd love to take a look at what you've built and help share it around. 3. Share your solution on other social channels like LinkedIn. 4. Blog about your experience building your project. Writing about your workflow, technical choices, and talking through your code is a brilliant way to reinforce what you've learned. Great platforms to write on are [](, [Hashnode](, and [CodeNewbie]( We provide templates to help you share your solution once you've submitted it on the platform. Please do edit them and include specific questions when you're looking for feedback. The more specific you are with your questions the more likely it is that another member of the community will give you feedback. ## Got feedback for us? We love receiving feedback! We're always looking to improve our challenges and our platform. So if you have anything you'd like to mention, please email hi[at]frontendmentor[dot]io. This challenge is completely free. Please share it with anyone who will find it useful for practice. **Have fun building!** 🚀