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wxSQLite3 is a C++ wrapper around the public domain SQLite 3.x database and is specifically designed for use in programs based on the wxWidgets library.
wxSQLite3 component info ------------------------ Website: http://wxcode.sourceforge.net/components/wxsqlite3 Version: 3.0.6 Description: wxSQLite3 is a C++ wrapper around the public domain SQLite 3.x database and is specifically designed for use in programs based on the wxWidgets library. wxSQLite3 does not try to hide the underlying database, in contrary almost all special features of the current SQLite3 version 3.7.16 are supported, like for example the creation of user defined scalar or aggregate functions. Since SQLite stores strings in UTF-8 encoding, the wxSQLite3 methods provide automatic conversion between wxStrings and UTF-8 strings. This works best for the Unicode builds of wxWidgets. In ANSI builds the current locale conversion object (wxConvCurrent) is used for conversion to/from UTF-8. Special care has to be taken if external administration tools are used to modify the database contents, since not all of these tools operate in Unicode or UTF-8 mode. Version history --------------- 3.0.6 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.8.2 3.0.5 - Upgrade to SQLite version Added support for setting the temporary directory for SQLite on Windows 3.0.4 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.8.0 Added support for querying performance characteristics of prepared statements 3.0.3 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.7.16 3.0.2 - Upgrade to SQLite version Corrected an internal SQLite data structure to avoid compile time warnings Changed method wxSQLite3Exception::ErrorCodeAsString to return the error messages provided by SQLite 3.0.1 - Upgrade to SQLite version Cleaned up and optimized Finalize methods Modified wxSQLite3Database::Close to avoid potential memory leaks Added method wxSQLite3Database::GetWrapperVersion Added method wxSQLite3Database::IsReadOnly Added method wxSQLite3Statement::BindUnixDateTime Added method wxSQLite3ResultSet::GetUnixDateTime Added method wxSQLite3ResultSet::GetAutomaticDateTime Fixed a potential memory leak in method wxSQLite3Database::ExecuteUpdate Added a wxsqlite3.pc file on request of the Fedora Project developers Replaced assert by wxASSERT in wxSQLite3Transaction constructor 3.0.0 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.7.10 Added method wxSQLite3Database::Vacuum Added method wxSQLite3Database::GetDatabaseFilename Added method wxSQLite3Database::ReleaseMemory Added method wxSQLite3ResultSet::CursorMoved Added method wxSQLite3Statement::IsBusy Fixed a bug in method operator= of wxSQLite3StringCollection causing an endless recursion on assignment Dropped the concept of SQLite3 pointer ownership in favor of reference counted pointers allowing much more flexible use of wxSQLite3 classes Modified SQLite3 encryption extension (defining int64 datatype for SHA2 algorithm) Dropped dbadmin sample from build files Added Premake support for SQLite3 library with encryption support and for wxSQLite3 (experimental) 2.1.3 - Corrected default behaviour for attached databases in case of an encrypted main database. (Now the attached database uses the same encryption key as the main database if no explicit key is given. Previously the attached database remained unencrypted.) Added an optional progress callback for metheods Backup & Restore Added method SetBackupRestorePageCount to set the number of pages to be copied in one cycle of the backup/restore process 2.1.2 - Upgrade to SQLite version Modified wxSQLite3Transaction class to make it exception safe 2.1.1 - Upgrade to SQLite version Added convenience method wxSQLite3Statement::ExecuteScalar Changed write-ahead log checkpoint method to new version (v2) 2.1.0 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.7.5 Added wxSQLite+, a database administration application written by Fred Cailleau-Lepetit, as a GUI sample for wxSQLite3. Minor adjustments were applied to make wxSQLite+ compatible with wxWidgets 2.9.x. To compile and link wxSQLite+ successfully using wxWidgets 2.8.x it is required to build the "stc" library (scintilla) in the "contrib" folder of wxWidgets. Please note that wxSQLite+ is under GPL license. 2.0.2 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.7.4 2.0.1 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.7.3 Added parameter transferStatementOwnership to method wxSQLite3Statement::ExecuteQuery to allow using the returned result set beyond the life time of the wxSQLite3Statement instance - Upgrade to SQLite version Added missing function interfaces in wxsqlite3dyn.h Adjusted code to eliminate a reference to sqlite3_mprintf 2.0.0 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.7.0 Fixed a bug in class wxSQLite3ResultSet Added support for SQLite's write-ahead log journal mode Added support for named collections (see class wxSQLite3NamedCollection) Changed UTF-8 string handling to use methods To/FromUTF8 of the wxString class (requires wxWidgets 2.8.4 or higher) Compatible with wxWidgets 2.9.1 1.9.9 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.23 Fixed a bug when compiling for dynamic loading of SQLite Added static methods to class wxSQLite3Database for accessing the run-time library compilation options diagnostics Added mathod FormatV to class wxSQLite3StatementBuffer 1.9.8 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.22 Fixed a bug when compiling without precompiled header support (by including wx/arrstr.h) Added experimental support for 256 bit AES encryption to the optional key based encryption extension 1.9.7 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.20 Added methods to query, enable or disable foreign key support 1.9.6 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.18 Added method to get the SQLite library source id Added flags parameter to wxSQLite3Database::Open to allow additional control over the database connection (see http://www.sqlite.org/c3ref/open.html for further information) Fixed a potential memory leak in wxSQLite3Statement class Converted encryption extension from C++ to pure C to make it compatible with the SQLite amalgamation. 1.9.5 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.11 Added user defined function class for REGEXP operator Added support for SQLite backup/restore API, introduced with SQLite 3.6.11 1.9.4 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.10 Added support for SQLite savepoints, introduced with SQLite 3.6.8 Added IsOk methods to several classes 1.9.3 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.7 Fixed a bug in method wxSQLite3Table::GetDouble (conversion from string to double failed in non-US locales) Build system upgraded using Bakefile 0.2.5 1.9.2 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.6 Added RAII transaction class (see docs for details) 1.9.1 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.2 Introduced own step counting for aggregate user functions since the sqlite3_aggregate_count function is now deprecated. Enhanced wxSQLite3Database::TableExists method to query an attached database for existence of a table or to query all open databases. 1.9.0 - Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.0 The optional key based encryption support has been adapted to support SQLite version 3.6.0. Added static methods to initialize and shutdown the SQLite library. Changed build system to support static library build against shared wxWidgets