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贫困信号灯 巴拉圭基金会(FundaciónParaguaya)(从现在开始使用FP)已经开发了一种称为“贫困信号灯”的方法。 贫困信号灯旨在消除影响许多家庭的多维贫困。 它使家庭能够追踪自己的贫困图,并制定和实施明确的计划来克服贫困。 通过显示照片的视觉调查,家庭可以使用50个指标对贫困程度进行自我评估。 这些指标又分为6个不同的贫困方面。 开始使用 贫困信号灯平台 PSP(贫困信号灯平台)是一组组件,可帮助人们获取数据,分析和帮助家庭解决方案,以解决其贫困问题。 PSP服务器是一个Spring Boot应用程序,它将REST API暴露给不同的组件(即Andorid应用程序) 项目状态 该项目才刚刚开始,我们希望在今年年底之前有一个正在运行的版本。 该平台当前由FP和SODEP的一组开发人员开发。 我们欢迎其他开发人员的帮助,但我们知道该项目仍处于初期阶段。 由于我们有一个继续
[![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/FundacionParaguaya/FP-PSP-SERVER.svg?branch=develop)](https://travis-ci.org/FundacionParaguaya/FP-PSP-SERVER) [![Codacy Badge](https://api.codacy.com/project/badge/Grade/5ca4e577064b42d7b172677bd65e7124)](https://www.codacy.com/app/FundacionParaguaya/FP-PSP-SERVER?utm_source=github.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=FundacionParaguaya/FP-PSP-SERVER&utm_campaign=Badge_Grade) # Poverty Stoplight Fundación Paraguaya (FP from now on) has developed a methodology called “Poverty Stoplight”. The Poverty Stoplight seeks to eliminate the multidimensional poverty that affects many families. It allows families to trace their own poverty map and develop and implement a clear plan to overcome it. Through a visual survey that shows photographs, families self-assess their level of poverty with 50 indicators. These indicators are in turn grouped into 6 different dimensions of poverty. # Get Started * [Run the Server.](docs/RUN.md) # Poverty Stoplight Platform The PSP (Poverty Stoplight Platform) is a set of components that assist people in the process of acquiring data, analyzing and helping the families with solution to overcome his poverty. The PSP-server is a Spring Boot application that expose a REST API to diferent components (i.e. an Andorid Application) # Status of the project The project is just starting and we expect to have a running version by the end of the year. The platform is currently being developed by a group of developers from FP and SODEP. We welcome help from other developers, but we understand that the project is still in its early days. Since we have a comprise to remain an open source project, we decided to push it to github and let everybody know our progress. # Code of conduct Under development # Test environment Under development # Issue Tracking We've decided to use our internal issue tracking for fastest communication in the development team. We are going to use pull requests from day one and we are planning to move to github tickets once we reach a stable version. # License The Spring Framework is released under version 2.0 of the [Apache License][] [Git]: http://help.github.com/set-up-git-redirect [JDK8 build]: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads [Apache License]: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0