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Frontail –将日志流式传输到浏览器 frontail是一个Node.js应用程序,用于将日志流式传输到浏览器。 它是带有UI的tail -F 。 快速开始 npm i frontail -g或从“页面下载二进制文件 frontail /var/log/syslog 请访问 特征 日志轮换(不适用于Windows) 自动滚动 标记日志 暂停日志 网站图标中的未读日志数 主题(默认,深色) 搜索( Tab键聚焦, Esc清除) 从网址参数filter设置过滤filter 拖尾和 基本认证 安装选项 从 pagegit st下载二进制文件 使用: npm i frontail -g 使用: docker run -d -P -v /var/log:/log mthenw/frontail /log/syslog 用法 frontail [options] [file ...]
# frontail – streaming logs to the browser `frontail` is a Node.js application for streaming logs to the browser. It's a `tail -F` with UI. ![frontial]( [![Docker Pulls](]( ## Quick start - `npm i frontail -g` or download a binary file from [Releases]( page - `frontail /var/log/syslog` - visit []( ## Features - log rotation (not on Windows) - auto-scrolling - marking logs - pausing logs - number of unread logs in favicon - themes (default, dark) - [highlighting](#highlighting) - search (`Tab` to focus, `Esc` to clear) - set filter from url parameter `filter` - tailing [multiple files](#tailing-multiple-files) and [stdin](#stdin) - basic authentication ## Installation options - download a binary file from [Releases]( pagegit st - using [npm package]( `npm i frontail -g` - using [Docker image]( `docker run -d -P -v /var/log:/log mthenw/frontail /log/syslog` ## Usage frontail [options] [file ...] Options: -V, --version output the version number -h, --host <host> listening host, default -p, --port <port> listening port, default 9001 -n, --number <number> starting lines number, default 10 -l, --lines <lines> number on lines stored in browser, default 2000 -t, --theme <theme> name of the theme (default, dark) -d, --daemonize run as daemon -U, --user <username> Basic Authentication username, option works only along with -P option -P, --password <password> Basic Authentication password, option works only along with -U option -k, --key <key.pem> Private Key for HTTPS, option works only along with -c option -c, --certificate <cert.pem> Certificate for HTTPS, option works only along with -k option --pid-path <path> if run as daemon file that will store the process id, default /var/run/ --log-path <path> if run as daemon file that will be used as a log, default /dev/null --url-path <path> URL path for the browser application, default / --ui-hide-topbar hide topbar (log file name and search box) --ui-no-indent don't indent log lines --ui-highlight highlight words or lines if defined string found in logs, default preset --ui-highlight-preset <path> custom preset for highlighting (see ./preset/default.json) --path <path> prefix path for the running application, default / --disable-usage-stats disable gathering usage statistics --help output usage information Web interface runs on **http://[host]:[port]**. ### Tailing multiple files `[file ...]` accepts multiple paths, `*`, `?` and other shell special characters([Wildcards, Quotes, Back Quotes and Apostrophes in shell commands]( ### stdin Use `-` for streaming stdin: ./server | frontail - ### Highlighting `--ui-highlight` option turns on highlighting in UI. By default preset from `./preset/default.json` is used: ``` { "words": { "err": "color: red;" }, "lines": { "err": "font-weight: bold;" } } ``` which means that every "err" string will be in red and every line containing "err" will be bolded. _New presets are very welcome. If you don't like default or you would like to share yours, please create PR with json file._ Available presets: - default - npmlog - python ### Running behind nginx Using the `--url-path` option `frontail` can run behind nginx with the example configuration Using `frontail` with `--url-path /frontail` ``` events { worker_connections 1024; } http { server { listen 8080; server_name localhost; location /frontail { proxy_pass; proxy_http_version 1.1; proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade; proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade"; } } } ``` ### Usage statistics `frontail` by default (from `v4.5.0`) gathers **anonymous** usage statistics in Google Analytics. It can be disabled with `--disable-usage-stats`. The data is used to help me understand how `frontail` is used and I can make it better.