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行星际实时年度储蓄计算器,用于每月支出 :dollar_banknote: 现在已部署到IPFS网络! :satellite: 重要说明:请通过在本地节点上加载http://localhost:8080/ipfs/QmQSDkGSCrBxzupEp1Bfpp16JLM2dqMxncnv1Wjf3ZUrEa来使该应用程序http://localhost:8080/ipfs/QmQSDkGSCrBxzupEp1Bfpp16JLM2dqMxncnv1Wjf3ZUrEa运行。 一个内置于React中的简单且经过测试的Web应用程序,可让您通过每月利用公司的优势来计算每年节省的资金 此模型基于西班牙的2017 IRPF税收模型。 建筑 前端应用程序
# An *interplanetary* realtime yearly savings calculator for monthly expenses 💵 <imr src=""> [![GitHub license](]( [![](]( "Download frontend image") [![](]( "Download backend image") ### Now deployed to the IPFS network! [here]( 🛰 Important note: please help this application to be alive by loading `http://localhost:8080/ipfs/QmQSDkGSCrBxzupEp1Bfpp16JLM2dqMxncnv1Wjf3ZUrEa` on your local node. A simple and tested web application built in React that lets you calculate how much money you will save per year by using taking advantadge of your company benefits in a monthly basis This model is based in the **IRPF tax model of 2017 from Spain**. ![alt text]( ### Architecture - The frontend application is build using React + Redux and tested using the [Enzyme]( testing library by Airbnb. - The web application requests the yearly savings value to an scalable WebSockets API built with [SocketCluster]( ### Deployment **Frontend** The frontend, the web application has been deployed to IPFS, the [Interplanetary File System]( 🌎 It can be accessed [here]( This means the website is not deployed to a simple single point of failure web server, but deployed to a decentralized structure of multiple nodes that host the data. If you'd like to support this app, feel free to deploy a node on your local machine and load the following hash: QmVh1oi9fQs6KnhvbVSFoCpWmywdBzWAmGAcu3YzN89C8p This will help the app to live forever in the network without any cost. **Backend** As for the backend application, it still needs to be deployed to a decentralized network such as Ethereum, EOS or many others. I'm im the process of doing it but it still will require some time. ### Prerequisites - Docker for Mac, Linux or Windows ### How to run it 1. Clone the repository `$ git clone` 2. Navigate to the repository root and run: `$ docker-compose up --build` Once the docker containers have finished loading open `http://localhost:3561` in your browser and you can start using the calculator.