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曼塔雷AR 概率与统计导论 此应用程序是一个使用 Vuforia 进行增强现实的 Unity 项目。 统一 该项目的 Unity 方面是用 C# 编写的。 最初,该项目是一组 Javascript 和 C# 文件,但我们移植到 C#,因为我们发现它是更强大的语言。 该项目的来源是灵活和可重用的。 基础文件应该能够用于许多不同的课程。 C# 源代码位于 /Assets/src 文件夹中,并分为: 自定义 - 依赖于所教授课程的文件。 这些是静态类,与使用应用程序的动态版本 (Mantaray AR: Unlimited) 时加载的类相同。 GameObjectScript - 在 Unity 中,需要将脚本附加到游戏对象。 这些是我们应用程序的入口点。 GUI - 更好的 GUI 功能的基类。 相信我,你不想使用默认的东西,当你真正开始制作复杂的 GUI 时,这是一场噩梦。 模型
Mantaray AR =========== # Introduction to Probability and Statistics This application is a Unity Project that utilizes Vuforia for Augmented Reality. # Unity The Unity aspect of the project is written in C#. Originally, the project was a bundle of Javascript and C# files, but we ported over to C# as we found it to be the more robust language. THe source of the project is made to be flexible and reuseable. The base files should be able to be used for many different lessons. The C# source is in the /Assets/src folder and is split up into: * Custom - Files that are dependent on the lesson being taught. These are static classes that are the same as those that would be loaded in when using the dynamic version of the application (Mantaray AR: Unlimited). * GameObjectScript - In Unity, scripts need to be attached to Game Objects. These are the entry points for our app. * GUI - Base classes for better GUI functions. Trust me, you do not want to use the default stuff, it is a nightmare to deal with when you actually start making complicated GUIs. - Models - Application models ( not 3D models ). - Slides - Basic slide logic. - Util - Game utility classes. These are really Helpers in disguise.
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