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// // SUUpdater.h // Sparkle // // Created by Andy Matuschak on 1/4/06. // Copyright 2006 Andy Matuschak. All rights reserved. // // $Id: SUUpdater.h 87 2007-07-05 19:16:34Z evands $ // $HeadURL: http://sparkleplus.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/SUUpdater.h $ #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> // Before you use Sparkle in your app, you must set SUFeedURL in Info.plist to the // address of the appcast on your webserver. If you don't already have an // appcast, please see the Sparkle documentation to learn about how to set one up. // .zip, .dmg, .tar, .tbz, .tgz archives are supported at this time. // By default, Sparkle offers to show the user the release notes of the build they'll be // getting, which it assumes are in the description (or body) field of the relevant RSS item. // Set SUShowReleaseNotes to <false/> in Info.plist to hide the button. @class SUAppcastItem, SUUpdateAlert, SUStatusController; @interface SUUpdater : NSObject { SUAppcastItem *updateItem; SUStatusController *statusController; SUUpdateAlert *updateAlert; NSURLDownload *downloader; NSString *downloadPath; NSTimer *checkTimer; NSTimeInterval checkInterval; BOOL verbose; BOOL updateInProgress; id delegate; IBOutlet NSWindow *profileMoreInfoWindow; IBOutlet NSView *profileMoreInfoView; IBOutlet NSButton *profileMoreInfoButton; IBOutlet NSTextField *checkForUpdatesText; BOOL moreInfoVisible; } // This IBAction is meant for a main menu item. Hook up any menu item to this action, // and Sparkle will check for updates and report back its findings verbosely. - (IBAction)checkForUpdates:sender; // This method is similar to the above, but it's intended for updates initiated by // the computer instead of by the user. It does not alert the user when he is up to date, // and it remains silent about network errors in fetching the feed. This is what you // want to call to update programmatically; only use checkForUpdates: with buttons and menu items. - (void)checkForUpdatesInBackground; // This method allows you to schedule a check to run every time interval. You can // pass 0 to this method to cancel a previously scheduled timer. You probably don't want // to call this directly: if you set a SUScheduledCheckInterval key in Info.plist or // the user defaults, Sparkle will set this up for you automatically on startup. You might // just want to call this every time the user changes the setting in the preferences. - (void)scheduleCheckWithInterval:(NSTimeInterval)interval; // Get information that will be included with update-check requests. This method can be used // whether or not profile information is enabled. Use this method to show the user what kind // of information will be included. This method will invoke -updaterCustomizeProfileInfo: on // the delegate, if it's implemented. - (NSMutableArray *)systemProfileInformationArray; - (IBAction)closeProfileInfoSheet:(id)sender; @end @interface NSObject (SUUpdaterDelegate) // Specify whether the updater should include system-profile information with update checks. - (BOOL)updaterShouldSendProfileInfo; // This method gives the delegate the opportunity to customize the information that will // be included with update checks. Add or remove items from the dictionary as desired. - (NSMutableArray *)updaterCustomizeProfileInfo:(NSMutableArray *)profileInfo; // This method lets the delegate customize how versions are compared - (NSComparisonResult)compareVersion:(NSString *)appcastVersion toVersion:(NSString *)appVersion; @end
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