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// // ASIHTTPRequest.h // // Created by Ben Copsey on 04/10/2007. // Copyright 2007-2011 All-Seeing Interactive. All rights reserved. // // A guide to the main features is available at: // // // Portions are based on the ImageClient example from Apple: // See: #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> #if TARGET_OS_IPHONE #import <CFNetwork/CFNetwork.h> #if __IPHONE_OS_VERSION_MAX_ALLOWED >= __IPHONE_4_0 #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> // Necessary for background task support #endif #endif #import <stdio.h> #import "ASIHTTPRequestConfig.h" #import "ASIHTTPRequestDelegate.h" #import "ASIProgressDelegate.h" #import "ASICacheDelegate.h" @class ASIDataDecompressor; extern NSString *ASIHTTPRequestVersion; // Make targeting different platforms more reliable // See: #ifndef __IPHONE_3_2 #define __IPHONE_3_2 30200 #endif #ifndef __IPHONE_4_0 #define __IPHONE_4_0 40000 #endif #ifndef __MAC_10_5 #define __MAC_10_5 1050 #endif #ifndef __MAC_10_6 #define __MAC_10_6 1060 #endif typedef enum _ASIAuthenticationState { ASINoAuthenticationNeededYet = 0, ASIHTTPAuthenticationNeeded = 1, ASIProxyAuthenticationNeeded = 2 } ASIAuthenticationState; typedef enum _ASINetworkErrorType { ASIConnectionFailureErrorType = 1, ASIRequestTimedOutErrorType = 2, ASIAuthenticationErrorType = 3, ASIRequestCancelledErrorType = 4, ASIUnableToCreateRequestErrorType = 5, ASIInternalErrorWhileBuildingRequestType = 6, ASIInternalErrorWhileApplyingCredentialsType = 7, ASIFileManagementError = 8, ASITooMuchRedirectionErrorType = 9, ASIUnhandledExceptionError = 10, ASICompressionError = 11 } ASINetworkErrorType; // The error domain that all errors generated by ASIHTTPRequest use extern NSString* const NetworkRequestErrorDomain; // You can use this number to throttle upload and download bandwidth in iPhone OS apps send or receive a large amount of data // This may help apps that might otherwise be rejected for inclusion into the app store for using excessive bandwidth // This number is not official, as far as I know there is no officially documented bandwidth limit extern unsigned long const ASIWWANBandwidthThrottleAmount; #if NS_BLOCKS_AVAILABLE typedef void (^ASIBasicBlock)(void); typedef void (^ASIHeadersBlock)(NSDictionary *responseHeaders); typedef void (^ASISizeBlock)(long long size); typedef void (^ASIProgressBlock)(unsigned long long size, unsigned long long total); typedef void (^ASIDataBlock)(NSData *data); #endif @interface ASIHTTPRequest : NSOperation <NSCopying> { // The url for this operation, should include GET params in the query string where appropriate NSURL *url; // Will always contain the original url used for making the request (the value of url can change when a request is redirected) NSURL *originalURL; // Temporarily stores the url we are about to redirect to. Will be nil again when we do redirect NSURL *redirectURL; // The delegate - will be notified of various changes in state via the ASIHTTPRequestDelegate protocol id <aSIHTTPRequestDelegate rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> delegate; // Another delegate that is also notified of request status changes and progress updates // Generally, you won't use this directly, but ASINetworkQueue sets itself as the queue so it can proxy updates to its own delegates // NOTE: WILL BE RETAINED BY THE REQUEST id <aSIHTTPRequestDelegate, ASIProgressDelegate rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> queue; // HTTP method to use (eg: GET / POST / PUT / DELETE / HEAD etc). Defaults to GET NSString *requestMethod; // Request body - only used when the whole body is stored in memory (shouldStreamPostDataFromDisk is false) NSMutableData *postBody; // gzipped request body used when shouldCompressRequestBody is YES NSData *compressedPostBody; // When true, post body will be streamed from a file on disk, rather than loaded into memory at once (useful for large uploads) // Automatically set to true in ASIFormDataRequests when using setFile:forKey: BOOL shouldStreamPostDataFromDisk; // Path to file used to store post body (when shouldStreamPostDataFromDisk is true) // You can set this yourself - useful if you want to PUT a file from local disk NSString *postBodyFilePath; // Path to a temporary file used to store a deflated post body (when shouldCompressPostBody is YES) NSString *compressedPostBodyFilePath; // Set to true when ASIHTTPRequest automatically created a temporary file containing the request body (when true, the file at postBodyFilePath will be deleted at the end of the request) BOOL didCreateTemporaryPostDataFile; // Used when writing to the post body when shouldStreamPostDataFromDisk is true (via appendPostData: or appendPostDataFromFile:) NSOutputStream *postBodyWriteStream; // Used for reading from the post body when sending the request NSInputStream *postBodyReadStream; // Dictionary for custom HTTP request headers NSMutableDictionary *requestHeaders; // Set to YES when the request header dictionary has been populated, used to prevent this happening more than once BOOL haveBuiltRequestHeaders; // Will be populated with HTTP response headers from the server NSDictionary *responseHeaders; // Can be used to manually insert cookie headers to a request, but it's more likely that sessionCookies will do this for you NSMutableArray *requestCookies; // Will be populated with cookies NSArray *responseCookies; // If use useCookiePersistence is true, network requests will present valid cookies from previous requests BOOL useCookiePersistence; // If useKeychainPersistence is true, network requests will attempt to read credentials from the keychain, and will save them in the keychain when they are successfully presented BOOL useKeychainPersistence; // If useSessionPersistence is true, network requests will save credentials and reuse for the duration of the session (until clearSession is called) BOOL useSessionPersistence; // If allowCompressedResponse is true, requests will inform the server they can accept compressed data, and will automatically decompress gzipped responses. Default is true. BOOL allowCompressedResponse; // If shouldCompressRequestBody is true, the request body will be gzipped. Default is false. // You will probably need to enable this feature on your webserver to make this work. Tested with apache only. BOOL shouldCompressRequestBody; // When downloadDestinationPath is set, the result of this request will be downloaded to the file at this location // If downloadDestinationPath is not set, download data will be stored in memory NSString *downloadDestinationPath; // The location that files will be downloaded to. Once a download is complete, files will be decompressed (if necessary) and moved to downloadDestinationPath NSString *temporaryFileDownloadPath; // If the response is gzipped and shouldWaitToInflateCompressedResponses is NO, a file will be created at this path containing the inflated response as it comes in NSString *temporaryUncompressedDataDownloadPath; // Used for writing data to a file when downloadDestinationPath is set NSOutputStream *fileDownloadOutputStream; NSOutputStream *inflatedFileDownloadOutputStream; // When the request fails or completes successfully, complete will be true BOOL complete; // external "finished" indicator, subject of KVO notifications; updates after 'complete' BOOL finished; // True if our 'cancel' selector has been called BOOL cancelled; // If an error occurs, error will contain an NSError // If error code is = ASIConnectionFailureErrorType (1, Connection failure occurred) - inspect [[error userInfo] objectForKey:NSUnderlyingErrorKey] for more information NSError *error; // Username and password used for authentication NSString *username; NSString *password; // User-Agent for this
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