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包裹追踪器eCourier 贡献者: 捐赠链接: : 标签: ecourier,包裹,包裹追踪器,ecourier-parcel,ecourier-parcel-tracker,包裹追踪器,ecourier-包裹追踪器,孟加拉国,孟加拉国包裹,孟加拉国包裹追踪器,woocommerce,wc,woocommerce-parcel-追踪器至少需要: 4.0 经测试至: 5.7 需要PHP: 5.6 稳定标签: 1.0.1 许可证: GPLv2或更高版本许可URI: : 包裹追踪器eCourier为您提供了一个简单的eCourier包裹追踪界面 描述 一个简单的WordPress插件,可为您的客户提供用户友好且简单的界面,以从您的WordPress网站跟踪其包裹状态。 安装 请按照以下步骤安装插件并使其正常运行。 从WordPress仪表板的“插件”部分,从WordPress插件库安
# Parcel Tracker eCourier **Contributors:** [Simon Gomes]( **Donate link:** **Tags:** ecourier, parcel, parcel-tracker, ecourier-parcel, ecourier-parcel-tracker, package-tracker, ecourier-package-tracker, bangladesh, bangladesh-parcel, bangladesh-parcel-tracker, woocommerce, wc, woocommerce-parcel-tracker **Requires at least:** 4.0 **Tested up to:** 5.7 **Requires PHP:** 5.6 **Stable tag:** 1.0.1 **License:** GPLv2 or later **License URI:** **Parcel Tracker eCourier** gives you a simple interface for eCourier parcel tracking [![Release](]( [![GitHub license](]( [![Open Source](]( [![Made With](]( [![Maintaner](]( [![PRs Welcome](]( [![Download Plugin](]( ## Description A simple WordPress plugin to give your customer an user friendly and simple interface to track their parcel status from your WordPress website. ## Installation Follow the following steps to install the plugin and get it working. 1. Install the plugin from WordPress plugin library using the Plugins section from the WordPress dashboard, or download the zip file unzip and upload it inside `/wp-content/plugins/` directory of your WordPress installation. 2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu. 3. Once installed _**eCourier Tracker**_ menu will be available. Go to the eCourier Tracker and provide your eCourier API Credentials. 4. Select the Environment you would like to use (Staging or Live). 5. Place the shortcode inside any page to make the interface available. (e.g.: `[ecourier-parcel-tracker]`,`<?php echo do_shortcode('ecourier-parcel-tracker'); ?>` ) ## Frequently Asked Questions **Do I need eCourier account to use the plugin?** Yes you will need an eCourier account and API credentials to user this plugin. **Do I need any configuration from eCourier?** Yes, you will need API credentials for you eCourier account. You can get it from eCourier. **What credentials do I need to setup the plugin?** You will need your API credentials which includes `USER-ID`, `API-KEY` and `API-SECRET`. **How do I get the API credentials?** You can contact eCourier for the API credentials for your account. **Do I need WooCommerce for this plugin?** No, you will not. **Parcel Tracker eCourier** is not dependent on any other plugin. ## Changelog *1.0.0* > 1.0.0 is the latest release of Parcel Tracker eCourier plugin. *1.0.1* > Security measures added for Ajax form submission, this will block unauthorized form submissions for Parcel Tracking Form. ## Privacy Policy Parcel Tracker eCourier uses [Appsero]( SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user's confirmation. This helps us to troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements. Appsero SDK **does not gather any data by default.** The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data **when a user allows it via the admin notice**. We collect the data to ensure a great user experience for all our users. Integrating Appsero SDK **DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY** start gathering data, **without confirmation from users in any case.** Learn more about how [Appsero collects and uses this data]( ## Contributors <a href="" rel='nofollow' onclick='return false;'> <img src="" style="border-radius: 50%" alt="Simon Gomes" title="Simon Gomes"> </a>