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yasp是一个基于Web的功能齐全的汇编器开发环境,其中包括实际的汇编器,仿真器和调试器。 汇编方言是一个非常简单的习俗,可以使学习曲线保持尽可能的浅。 它还具有一些硬件元素(LED,电位计,按钮等)。 该项目的主要目的是创建一个环境,让学生可以学习汇编语言,以便他们更好地理解计算机。 此外,它使他们能够进行实验而不必担心会破坏某些东西。 yasp的原始项目团队由Robert Fischer和Michael“ luto” Lutonsky组成。 有关更多信息,请查看IDE菜单中的About部分。 在线演示 yasp的托管版本可以在上找到。 执照 yasp已获得GPLv3-License的许可
# Hardware yasp supports arbitrary external hardware components with an arbitrary number of pins. Each hardware consists of two components: the internal logic and the rendering. Currently there is only a DOM mode, but this separation makes it possible to support other frontends in the future. Both component have full access to their super-classes functions. Please consult the class documentation for more information on them. Hardware is connected to the emulator via a [breadboard](./breadboard.md). ## backend ("hardware") ```javascript yasp.Hardware.makeHardware({ name: '', pins: [ /* JSON serialized pins, see /doc/hardware/iobank.md */ ], init: function () { // Called once the hardware has been created. This // can be used to add custom events to the IOBank // or start intervals/timeouts. }, receiveStateChange: function (pin, tick) { // Called if the state of one of the hardware pins // in 'in'-mode has changed. This normally happens // when the pin is changed by the emulator or some // other hardware it is connected to. // Tick is the tick number at which the pin state // was set in the emulator. It must be used for // any time comparisons (e.g. how long since the // last HIGH?), instead of real time. }, uiEvent: function (name, data) { // Called by the frontend to notify the logic of // changes in the userinterface. // This is for example used to set a pin, once a // button as been pressed. }, getState: function () { // Called by the frontend to render this hardware. // The returned object should contain all information // necessary to do this. For example, if a button is // currently pressed or not, or if an LED is on. return { }; } }); ``` ## frontend ("hardware renderer") ```javascript yasp.HardwareRenderer.makeRenderer({ create: function () { // called once to initialize the frontend. // Create the main DOM element here and append it to // `this.container`. You should also store it in // `this.element` for later access in render(). }, render: function (state) { // state parameter: see backend.getState() // Called when the hardware should be (re-)rendered // Access `this.element` here again and modify it to // match to updated state. } }); ``` ## Boilerplate ```javascript if (typeof yasp == 'undefined') yasp = { }; if (yasp.HardwareType === undefined) yasp.HardwareType = { }; (function () { yasp.HardwareType['NAME'] = { 'backend': null, 'frontend': {} }; yasp.HardwareType['NAME']['backend'] = yasp.Hardware.makeHardware({ name: 'NAME', pins: [ { nr: 1, type: 'gpio', mode: 'IN OR OUT' } ], init: function () { }, receiveStateChange: function (pin, tick) { }, uiEvent: function (name, turn) { }, getState: function () { return { }; } }); yasp.HardwareType['NAME']['frontend']['dom'] = yasp.HardwareRenderer.makeRenderer({ create: function () { this.element = $('<div>'); this.element.appendTo(this.container); }, render: function (state) { } }); })(); ```
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