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什么是事件网格? 该图显示了事件网格相对于应用程序框架中其他类似技术(例如服务网格)的定位。 Event Mesh是用于将应用程序和中间件层分离的动态插件式云原生基本服务层。 它提供了灵活,可靠和快速的事件分发,并且可以进行管理。 云原生事件网格: 事件网格允许将来自一个应用程序的事件动态路由到任何其他应用程序。 事件网格的一般功能: 事件驱动; 事件治理; 动态路由; 云原生 流量控制; 负载均衡 支持连接事件存储: DeFiBus :一种分布式消息传递平台,具有低延迟,高性能和可靠性以及灵活的可伸缩性。 火箭MQ 关键部件: eventmesh-runtime :一
[![Build Status](https://www.travis-ci.org/WeBankFinTech/DeFiBus.svg?branch=master)](https://www.travis-ci.org/WeBankFinTech/EventMesh) [![Coverage Status](https://coveralls.io/repos/github/WeBankFinTech/DeFiBus/badge.svg?branch=master)](https://coveralls.io/github/WeBankFinTech/EventMesh?branch=master) [![GitHub release](https://img.shields.io/badge/release-download-orange.svg)](https://github.com/WeBankFinTech/EventMesh/releases) [![License](https://img.shields.io/badge/license-Apache%202-4EB1BA.svg)](https://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html) [点我查看中文版](README.zh-CN.md) ## What is Event Mesh? This figure shows the positioning of the event mesh relative to other similar technologies (such as service mesh) in the application framework. ![architecture1](docs/images/eventmesh-define.png) Event Mesh is a dynamic plug-in cloud-native basic service layer used to decouple the application and middleware layer. It provides flexible, reliable and fast event distribution, and can be managed. ![architecture1](docs/images/eventmesh-runtime.png) **Cloud Native Event Mesh:** ![architecture2](docs/images/eventmesh-panels.png) The event mesh allows events from one application to be dynamically routed to any other application. General functions of the event mesh: * Event driven; * Event governance; * Dynamic routing; * Cloud native; * Flow control; * Load balance **Support connecting event stores:** * **DeFiBus** : a distributed messaging platform with low latency, high performance and reliability, flexible scalability. [DeFiBus](https://github.com/WeBankFinTech/DeFiBus) * **RocketMQ** **Key components:** * **eventmesh-runtime** : an middleware to transmit events between event producers and consumers, support cloud native apps and microservices * **eventmesh-sdk-java** : currently supports HTTP and TCP protocols, and will support gRPC in the future * **eventmesh-registry** : automatically routes events between applications and services connected to seperate event meshers, manage eventmesh-runtime * **eventmesh-connector-defibus** : an implementation based on OpenMessaging Connector Interface, pub event to or sub event from DeFiBus Event Store * **eventmesh-connector-rocketmq** : an implementation based on OpenMessaging Connector Interface, pub event to or sub event from RocketMQ Event Store **Protocol:** The protocol of eventmesh is easier and convenient, you can read more [here](docs/cn/instructions/eventmesh-runtime-protocol.zh-CN.md) ## RoadMap | version | feature | | ---- | ---- | | v1.0.0 |Support DeFiBus as eventstore, support java-sdk , tcp pub/sub, http pub| | v1.1.0 |Support RocketMQ as eventstore| | v1.1.1 |Support https| | v1.2.0 |Support Plug-in architecture, support http sub| | V1.3.0 |Support cloud event protocol| | |Support Event transaction| | |Support Event filter| | |Support Promethus as metrics| | |Support multi language SDK(c\go\python\wsam)| | |Support Event orchestration| | |Support Event governance| | |Support Skywalking as tracing| | |Support Spiffe as security| | |Support Event replay| | |Support openmessaging-storage-dledger as default event store| | |Support Dashboard| | |Support schema registry| | |Support gRPC protocol| | |Support MQTT protocol| | |Support routing functions with triggers and bindings| ## Quick Start 1. Build and deploy event-store([DeFiBus](https://github.com/WeBankFinTech/DeFiBus)), see instruction ['event-store quickstart'](docs/en/instructions/eventmesh-store-quickstart.md). 2. Build and deploy eventmesh-runtime, see instruction ['eventmesh-runtime quickstart'](docs/en/instructions/eventmesh-runtime-quickstart.md). 3. Run eventmesh-sdk-java demo, see instruction ['eventmesh-sdk-java quickstart'](docs/en/instructions/eventmesh-sdk-java-quickstart.md). ## Contributing Contributions are always welcomed! Please see [CONTRIBUTING](CONTRIBUTING.md) for detailed guidelines You can start with the issues labeled with good first issue. [GitHub Issues](https://github.com/WeBankFinTech/EventMesh/issues) ## License [Apache License, Version 2.0](http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html) Copyright (C) Apache Software Foundation ## Contacts WeChat group: ![wechat_qr](docs/images/mesh-helper.png)