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达芬奇八世 davinci-eight是一个使用Geometric Algebra进行数学物理学的WebGL库 示例: : davinci-eight是根据以下原则设计和开发的: 设计用于支持使用几何代数的数学物理。 管理WebGL着色器复杂性,而不是试图隐藏它。 在最低水平上保持不受污染。 协助管理WebGL状态和不变量。 协助GLSL样板。 协助长期运行的交互,资源共享和上下文管理。 在核心之上提供可重用的几何抽象,以提高生产率。 使底层WebGL代码与高层抽象共存。 提供智能的着色器程序构建器以提高生产力。 促进研究计划,教育和示范的使用。 显式胜于隐式。 使用面向对象来组织WebGL API。 在这里使用: : 为什么是8? 8 = 2 3 ,这是3维向量空间上几何空间中的维数。 定义几何的代数就是为向量定义关联的乘积。 更简单地讲,使用
# davinci-eight [![version](https://img.shields.io/npm/v/davinci-eight.svg)](https://www.npmjs.com/package/davinci-eight) [![npm downloads](https://img.shields.io/npm/dm/davinci-eight.svg)](https://npm-stat.com/charts.html?package=davinci-eight&from=2020-06-01) davinci-eight is a WebGL library for mathematical physics using Geometric Algebra Example: [__https://www.stemcstudio.com/gists/54644519dcd556bf8bf779bfa084ced3__](https://stemcstudio.com/gists/54644519dcd556bf8bf779bfa084ced3) davinci-eight is designed and developed according to the following principles: 1. Designed foremost to support Mathematical Physics using Geometric Algebra. 2. Manage WebGL shader complexity rather than trying to hide it. 3. Be un-opinionated at the lowest levels. 4. Assist with management of WebGL state and invariants. 5. Assist with GLSL boilerplate. 6. Assist with long running interactions, resource sharing and context management. 7. Provide reusable geometry abstractions on top of the core for productivity. 8. Enable low-level WebGL code to coexist with high-level abstractions. 9. Provide smart shader program builders for productivity. 10. Facilitate use for research programming, education and demonstration. 11. Explicit is better than implicit. 12. Organize WebGL API using Object Orientation. Used here: [__https://www.stemcstudio.com__](https://stemcstudio.com) ## Why 8? 8 = 2<sup>3</sup>, which is the number of dimensions in a geometric space over a vector space of 3 dimensions. Geometric Algebra is what you get when you define an associative multiplicative product for vectors. More simply, geometry makes more sense when it is done using Geometric Algebra! ## API Documentation Typedoc here: [__https://geometryzen.github.io/davinci-eight__](https://geometryzen.github.io/davinci-eight) The `Globals` or top-level components represent only a small portion of what is available in the EIGHT library. Drilling into the top-level componets will reveal a reusable structure for implementing your own components. The HTML documentation is best experienced with the following settings: 1. Access - Public/Protected 2. Inherited - Unchecked 3. Externals - Checked 4. Only exported - Unchecked The documentation is evolving rapidly due to transitioning to a new system of TypeScript documentation generation. In particular, you may see the word `default` frequently. This is because the EIGHT code uses default exports. Just click through the `default` links to get past them. ## License Copyright (c) 2014-2021 David Holmes Licensed under the MIT license.