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该项目的状态 目前正在等待。 最近在这里采取了一些措施,RFC似乎即将合并。 考虑到我无论如何都在忙着上学,所以我会一直坚持下去,直到每天晚上都有内在的特质。 热补丁 此板条箱主要用于以极其简单的方式从共享库文件中加载新功能定义。 主要特征: 线程安全 输入安全 适用于任何签名的功能 知道命名空间 每晚需求 这个板条箱只在每晚进行。 它使用的功能列表如下: unboxed_closures fn_traits const_fn const_fn_fn_ptr_basics proc_macro_diagnostic 以上大多数功能对功能至关重要。 因此,该板条箱将仅在每晚完成以上操作之前保持每晚状态。 简短的例子 下面显示了此板条箱的使用方式: // use hotpatch :: * ; #[patchable] fn foo () { } fn ma
### State of this project Currently waiting for [inherent traits]( There has been some action here recently, and the RFC looks like it's going to be merged soon. Given that I'm busy with school anyway, I'll be holding off on continuing development until inherent traits are in nightly. # hotpatch [![](]( [![](]( This crate is primarily used to load new function definitions from shared object files in an exceedingly easy way. Key features: - Thread safe - Type safe - Works for functions of any signature - Namespace aware ## Nightly Requirement This crate is nightly only. A list of features it uses are as follows: - `unboxed_closures` - `fn_traits` - `const_fn` - `const_fn_fn_ptr_basics` - `proc_macro_diagnostic` Most of the above features are critical to function. As such, this crate will remain nightly only until more of the above are finished. ## Short Example The following shows how dead-simple this crate is to use: ```rust // use hotpatch::*; #[patchable] fn foo() { } fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> { foo(); // does nothing foo.hotpatch_lib("")?; foo(); // does something totally different! foo.hotpatch_fn(|| println!("Dynamic!"))?; foo(); // even more modification! Ok(()) } ``` ## Warning Don't hotpatch the function you're currently in, or any of its parents. Because `hotpatch` doesn't allow multiple function definitions to be in affect at the same time, this will cause a deadlock. It is possible to do this with the `force` functions, however they are `unsafe`, as in a multithreaded enironment this could cause multiple function definitions to be in effect at once. ## Docs For more information, see the [docs]( ## TODO This crate is still has a long way to go before being "finished". Below are some items left to do. Submit an issue or PR to this section for feature requests! - `no_std` and use features to give the widest possible functionality - probably will need to move back to `lazy_static` - wasm support - methods (in progress) - `#[patchable] ||()` to generate from a closure (is this even possible?) - lower compile times - include only necessary features for sub-dependencies
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