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CodeU示例项目 这是一个示例聊天应用程序。 它既完整又实用,但是还有很多改进的余地。 步骤1:下载Java 通过打开控制台并键入以下命令来检查是否已经安装了Java: javac -version 如果输出了版本号,则您已经具有Java,可以跳至步骤2。如果版本号小于javac_1.8 ,则您具有Java的旧版本,应该按照以下说明进行升级。 从下载JDK(不是JRE)。 在新的控制台窗口中重试javac -version命令以检查安装。 如果仍然看不到版本号,请更新PATH环境变量,使其包含Java的bin目录。 请按照进行操作。 步骤2:下载Maven 该项目使用来编译和运行我们的代码。 Maven还管理依赖关系,运行开发服务器并部署到App Engine。 从下载Maven。 将文件夹解压缩到所需位置。 确保您具有指向Java安装的JAVA_HOME环境变量,然后将
# CodeU Example Project This is an example chat application. It's complete and functional, but leaves plenty of room for improvement. ## Step 1: Download Java Check whether you already have Java installed by opening a console and typing: ``` javac -version ``` If this prints out a version number, then you already have Java and can skip to step 2. If the version number is less than `javac_1.8`, then you have an old version of Java and should probably upgrade by following these instructions. Download the JDK (not the JRE) from [here]( Retry the `javac -version` command **in a new console window** to check the installation. If you still don't see a version number, then update your `PATH` environment variable so it contains Java's `bin` directory. Follow [these directions]( to do so. ## Step 2: Download Maven This project uses [Maven]( to compile and run our code. Maven also manages dependencies, runs the dev server, and deploys to App Engine. Download Maven from [here]( Unzip the folder wherever you want. Make sure you have a `JAVA_HOME` environment variable that points to your Java installation, and then add Maven's `bin` directory to your `PATH` environment variable. Instructions for both can be found [here]( Open a console window and execute `mvn -v` to confirm that Maven is correctly installed. ## Step 3: Install Git This project uses [Git]( for source version control and [GitHub]( to host our repository. Download Git from [here]( Make sure Git is on your `PATH` by executing this command: ``` git --version ``` If you don't see a version number, then make sure Git is on your `PATH`. ## Step 4: Setup your repository Follow the instructions in the first project to get your repository setup. ## Step 5: Run a development server In order to test changes locally, you'll want to run the server locally, on your own computer. To do this, open a console to your `codeu_project_2018` directory and execute this command: ``` mvn clean appengine:devserver ``` This tells Maven to clean (delete old compiled files) and then run a local App Engine server. You should now be able to use a local version of the chat app by opening your browser to [http://localhost:8080](http://localhost:8080). ## Step 6: Make a change! - Bring down the existing server by pressing `ctrl+c` in the console running the App Engine devserver. - Modify a `.java` or `.jsp` file. (Try updating the homepage by editing the `index.jsp` file.) - Bring the devserver back up by executing `mvn clean appengine:devserver` again. - Refresh your browser to see your changes!