PLX PCI卡 linux驱动

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PCI8系列 PCI9系列 PCI9054 linux驱动程序 PLX SDK Samples ================================================================ ABOUT This document provides a brief description of the samples included in the PLX SDK. Please refer to the source code in each sample & the PLX SDK User's Manual for additional details. The PLX samples are intended to demonstrate use of the PLX API. The samples are not intended for debug or real world applications, although they can be extended to complex applications. They should be treated as a reference for writing custom software that utilizes the PLX API. Not all samples work with all PLX devices. The PLX API supports numerous PLX chip families in PCI/PCIe, including 6000-series PCI-to-PCI bridges, 9000-series PCI-to-Local bus bridges, & 8000-series PCI/PCIe bridges & switches. Some samples are provided only for specific chip families. SAMPLES - ApiTest Simple application that calls various PLX APIs for a selected device & verifies return codes & parameters. The API calls made depend upon the type of device selected. - DSlave Demonstrates how to read/write from a PLX 9000 PCI BAR space using the PLX API/driver to perform the data transer. This operation is often referred to as "Direct Slave". - DSlave_BypassApi Similar to the 'DSlave' sample, except this sample uses the PLX API only to map a PCI BAR space directly to the application's virtual space. The application can then directly access the space via simple memory dereferencing, bypassing the PLX API/driver & resulting in greater performance, especially for small transfers. The application is responsible for initializing the BAR space, such as setup of translation/remap registers. - LocalToPciInt [9000-series & 8311] Demonstrates how to wait for a generic Local-to-PCI interrupt using the PLX Notification API. - NT_DmaTest [8000-series switches with DMA & NT support] Demonstrates using the DMA engine in a PLX 8000 switch to transfer data through a PLX 8000 NT port. - NT_DmaTest [8000-series switches with DMA & NT support] Demonstrates using the DMA engine in a PLX 8000 switch to transfer data through a PLX 8000 NT port. - NT_LinkTest [8000-series switches with NT support] Demonstrates NT communication by sending random sized data buffers through a PLX 8000 NT port. - NT_Sample [8000-series switches with NT support] Demonstrates very basic NT communication by sending keystrokes from one system through a PLX 8000 NT port & displaying them on the other system. - PerfMonitor [8000-series switches with Performance Counter support] Demonstrates use of the PLX Performance API to capture & display performance measurements from the chip. - PlxCm The PLX Command-Line Monitor useful for debugging. Complete source is provided. - PlxDma [9000 & 8000 series devices with DMA support] Demonstrates block & SGL DMA using the PLX DMA API. - PlxDmaPerf [8000-series devices with DMA support] Demonstrates continuous block DMA & calculates performance measurements. - PlxDmaSglNoApi [9000 & 8000-series devices with DMA support] Demonstrates DMA using manual setup of SGL descriptors. This is useful when an application has a list of specific DMA transfers to perform. - PlxEep A PLX command-line utility for reading/writing EEPROMs connected to PLX devices. Useful for production-line type environments. - PlxNotification Demonstrates use of the PLX Notification API to wait for interrupt events. - SampleAppGUI A very simple GUI provided only to demonstrate using the PLX API in a GUI app instead of a console type application. - SerdesEyeTest Code taken from the PLX PDE tool to show how to measure serdes eye data. This code is only sample source for reference purposes & not an actual running application. - Shared Some common functions shared by all sample application to perform tasks such as device selection, error display, etc.
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