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TinyMCE是一个轻量级的基于浏览器的所见即所得编辑器,由JavaScript写成。它对IE6+和Firefox1.5+都有着非常良好的支持。功能方面虽然不能称得上是最强,但绝对能够满足大部分网站的需求,并且功能配置灵活简单。另一特点是加载速度非常快,如果你的服务器采用的脚本语言是 PHP,那还可以进一步优化。
Version 3.1.1 (2008-08-18) Added new getSize method to DOMUtils it will return the dimensions only of an element. Added new alert/confirm methods to the tinyMCEPopup class to prevent focus problems and also to shorten method calls. Added new plugin_preview_inline option to preview plugin to enable/disable native/inline dialogs. Added new readonly option. If this is set the editor will only display the contents for the user. Added missing tabindex and accesskey to input elements in the default valid_elements setup. Updated firebug lite to 1.2, to enable it use the tiny_mce_dev.js?debug=1 on the development package. Fixed so the preview dialog in the preview plugin uses inline dialogs/popups. Fixed so CDATA sections remains intact through the serialization process of the DOM tree. Fixed various issues with the getAttrib command. It will now return more correct values. Fixed bug where the embed element wasn't properly parsed in the media plugin it now supports 3 formats. Fixed bug where the noshade attribute was serialized incorrectly on IE. Fixed bug where editing an existing link element didn't force it relative. Fixed bug where image link creation fails on Safari if the image is aligned. Fixed bug where it was possible to scroll the fullscreen mode in Opera 9.50. Fixed bug where removal of center image alignment would fail. Patch contributed by Andrew Ozz. Fixed bug where inlinedialogs didn't work properly if the doctype was incorrect in IE. Fixed bug where cross domain loading didn't work correctly in Opera 9.50. Fixed bug where breaking huge text blocks with return/enter key would scroll to end of block. Fixed bug where replace button kept inserting the replacement text even if there is no more matches. Fixed bug with fullpage plugin where value wasn't set correctly. Patch contributed by Pascal Chantelois. Fixed bug where the dom utils setAttrib method call could produce an exception if the input was null/false. Fixed bug where pressing backspace would sometimes remove one extra character in Gecko browsers. Fixed bug where the native confirm/alert boxes would move focus to parent document if fired in dialogs. Fixed bug where Opera 9.50 was telling you that the selection is collapsed even when it isn't. Fixed bug where mceInsertContent would break up existing elements in Opera and Gecko. Fixed bug where TinyMCE fails to detect some keyboard combos on Mac, contributed by MattyRob. Fixed bug where replace all didn't move the caret to beginning of text before searching. Fixed bug where the oninit callback wasn't executed correctly when the strict_loading_mode option was used, thanks goes to Nicholas Oxhoej. Fixed bug where a access denied exception was thrown if some other script specified document.domain before loading TinyMCE. Fixed so setting language to empty string will skip language loading if translations are made by some backend. Fixed so dialog_type is automatically modal if you use the inlinepopups plugin use dialog_type : "window" to re-enable the old behavior. Version (2008-06-18) Fixed bug where the Opera line break fix didn't work correctly on Mac OS X and Unix. Fixed bug where IE was producing the default value the maxlength attribute of input elements. Version 3.1.0 (2008-06-17) Fixed bug where the paste as text didn't work correctly it encoded produced paragraphs and br elements. Fixed bug where embed element in XHTML style didn't work correctly in the media plugin. Fixed bug where style elements was forced empty in IE. The will now be wrapped in a comment just like script elements. Fixed bug where some script elements wrapped in CDATA could fail to be serialized correctly. Fixed bug where FF 3 produced -moz- internal styles in some style attributes. Fixed bug where query strings and external URLs didn't work correctly in style attributes. Fixed bug where shape attribute of area elements got serialized as rect regardless of it's initial value in IE 6. Fixed bug where selection of elements inside layers would fail in IE since focus was moved to the document body. Fixed bug where pressing enter/return in an editable select box would produce an __mce_add_custom__ class value. Fixed bug where changing font size of text placed inside a colored text chunk would remove the parent node. Fixed bug where Opera 9.5 final produced a strange line break behavior due to a workaround for previous Opera versions. Fixed bug where text/background color would produce a strange focus problem when you tried to click on the body in IE. Fixed issue where selecting the title of an listbox equals the old 2.x behavior of changing the value to an empty string. Fixed issue where it was common for the media plugin to break if the _value attribute wasn't added for the param element. Fixed issue where the wrong parent editor instance might be updated if you use fullscreen mode in an incorrect way. Fixed issue where Safari was producing a warning about the base element not being closed correctly. Removed redundant form element name matching from regexp in the DOMUtils class. Version 3.0.9 (2008-06-02) Added new contextmenu_offset_x/contextmenu_offset_y options for the contextmenu plugin. Added cite attribute to the default rule for the blockquote element. Added support for using arrow keys for selection of items in listboxes. Added support for using arrow keys for selection of items in dropmenus. Fixed bug where blockformat change on elements with BR inside them didn't change correctly on Firefox. Fixed bug where removing table rows inside thead or tfoot would remove the whole table if it was the last one. Fixed bug where XHR synchronous mode didn't execute the callback handlers synchronously. Fixed bug where setting border to 0 didn't add border: 0 to the style attribute when using the advimage dialog. Fixed bug where the selection of images and table cells didn't work correctly when the editor is placed in a frame and running on IE. Fixed bug where the store/restore of a selection didn't work correctly in non IE browsers. Fixed bug where only the first element would be invalid for the invalid_elements option. Fixed bug where paste as plain text didn't encode the characters correctly when they where inserted. Fixed bug where HTML source window couldn't be maximized on Gecko when the maximizable feature was enabled. Fixed bug where color selection using the color picker could produce exception in IE. Fixed bug where font size changes could produce produce extra redundant elements. Fixed bug where IE could produce unknown runtime error if you replaced a image with another image from a separate frame. Fixed bug where the domLoaded state for the Event class wasn't set correctly if the editor was loaded dynamically using the gzip compressor. Fixed bug where handling of the base element for a page would produce incorrect urls. Based on a patch contributed by John LeSueur. Fixed bug where table constraint alert boxes was presented with an empty value and wasn't the skinned inline ones. Fixed bug where the onChange event wasn't fired when the form was submitted. It's now also triggered when the save method is called. Fixed bug where encoding set to xml didn't work as expected. It now encodes the contents into XML entities. Fixed bug where numrows didn't work correctly for the merge cells dialog of the table plugin. Fixed bug where the onGetContent event was fired even when the no_events flag was set. Fixed bug where the preview panels for the advimage and the media plugin could overflow on Safari and FF 3. Fixed bug where the editing and removal of abbr elements using the xhtmlxtras plugin working correctly on IE. Fixed bug where save button in the save plugin didn't work correctly on IE. Fixed bug where dragging layers didn't work as expected since it would snap back to it's original location if you saved. Fi