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很棒的区块链 策划用于区块链开发和应用的资源清单。 区块链是不间断的经济交易数字分类帐,可以进行编程以不仅记录金融交易,而且记录几乎所有有价值的东西(由)。 这不是Internet资源的简单集合,而是经过验证和组织的数据,以确保它确实适合您的学习过程,并且对您的开发和应用有用。 内容 点击展开 常见问题(FAQ)和答案 问:什么是区块链? 答:区块链是一个分布式数据库,其中包含由数字指纹(即加密哈希)链接和保护的记录(即块)的列表(即链)。 来自示例: { "version" : 0 , "height" : 1 , "previous_hash" : null , "timestamp" : 1550049140488 , "merkle_hash" : null , "generator_publickey" : "18941c80a77f2150107cdde99486ba672b5279ddd469eeefed308540fbd46983" , "hash" : "d611edb9fd86ee234cdc08d9
# Awesome Blockchain [![Awesome](]( > Curated list of resources for the development and applications of block chain. The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value (by [Don Tapscott]( <font color=#0099ff size=3>**This is not a simple collection of Internet resources, but verified and organized data ensuring it's really suitable for your learning process and useful for your development and application.**</font> ## Contents <details><summary>Click to expand</summary> - [Awesome Blockchain](#awesome-blockchain) - [Contents](#contents) - [Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s) & Answers](#frequently-asked-questions-faqs--answers) - [Basic Introduction](#basic-introduction) - [Development Tutorial](#development-tutorial) - [BitCoin](#bitcoin) - [Ethereum](#ethereum) - [Consortium Blockchain](#consortium-blockchain) - [Hyperledger](#hyperledger) - [XuperChain](#xuperchain) - [FISCO-BCOS](#fisco-bcos) - [Releated Tools](#releated-tools) - [Solidity](#solidity) - [truffle](#truffle) - [web3.js](#web3js) - [Implementation of Blockchain](#implementation-of-blockchain) - [Projects and Applications](#projects-and-applications) - [Quorum](#quorum) - [Monero](#monero) - [IOTA](#iota) - [EOS](#eos) - [IPFS](#ipfs) - [Filecoin](#filecoin) - [BigchainDB](#bigchaindb) - [BitShares](#bitshares) - [ArcBlock](#arcblock) - [Further Extension](#further-extension) - [Papers](#papers) - [Books](#books) - [Applications](#applications) - [Identity Applications](#identity-applications) - [Public Blockchain Identity](#public-blockchain-identity) - [Blockchain as a collateral](#blockchain-as-a-collateral) - [Unclear](#unclear) - [Guidance](#guidance) - [Internet of Things Applications](#internet-of-things-applications) - [Energy Applications](#energy-applications) - [Media and Journalism](#media-and-journalism) - [DeFi (Decentralised Finance)](#defi-decentralised-finance) - [Contribute](#contribute) </details> ## Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s) & Answers **Q: What's a Blockchain?** A: A blockchain is a distributed database with a list (that is, chain) of records (that is, blocks) linked and secured by digital fingerprints (that is, crypto hashes). Example from [`genesis_block.json`]( ```js { "version": 0, "height": 1, "previous_hash": null, "timestamp": 1550049140488, "merkle_hash": null, "generator_publickey": "18941c80a77f2150107cdde99486ba672b5279ddd469eeefed308540fbd46983", "hash": "d611edb9fd86ee234cdc08d9bf382330d6ccc721cd5e59cf2a01b0a2a8decfff", "block_signature": "603b61b14348fb7eb087fe3267e28abacadf3932f0e33958fb016ab60f825e3124bfe6c7198d38f8c91b0a3b1f928919190680e44fbe7289a4202039ffbb2109", "consensus_data": {}, "transactions": [] } ``` ![](Basic/img/blockchain-jesus.png) **Q: What's a Hash? What's a (One-Way) Crypto(graphic) Hash Digest Checksum**? A: A hash e.g. `d611edb9fd86ee234cdc08d9bf382330d6ccc721cd5e59cf2a01b0a2a8decfff` is a small digest checksum calculated with a one-way crypto(graphic) hash digest checksum function e.g. SHA256 (Secure Hash Algorithm 256 Bits) from the data. Example from [`crypto.js`]( ```js function calc_hash(data) { return crypto.createHash('sha256').update(data).digest('hex'); } ``` A blockchain uses - the block header (e.g. `Version`, `TimeStamp`, `Previous Hash...` )and - the block data (e.g. `Transaction Data...`) to calculate the new hash digest checksum. **Q: What's a Merkle Tree?** A: A Merkle tree is a hash tree named after Ralph Merkle who patented the concept in 1979 (the patent expired in 2002). A hash tree is a generalization of hash lists or hash chains where every leaf node (in the tree) is labelled with a data block and every non-leaf node (in the tree) is labelled with the crypto(graphic) hash of the labels of its child nodes. For more see the [Merkle tree]( Wikipedia Article. Note: By adding crypto(graphic) hash functions you can "merkelize" any data structure. **Q: What's a Merkelized DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph)?** A: It's a blockchain secured by crypto(graphic) hashes that uses a directed acyclic graph data structure (instead of linear "classic" linked list). Note: Git uses merkelized dag (directed acyclic graph)s for its blockchains. **Q: Is the Git Repo a Blockchain?** A: Yes, every branch in the git repo is a blockchain. The "classic" Satoshi-blockchain is like a git repo with a single master branch (only). **More Q&A** - [Blockchain Interview Questions]( - [10 Essential Blockchain Interview Questions]( - [Top 36 Blockchain Job Interview Questions & Answers]( --- ## Basic Introduction <!-- ### Encryption knowledge --> - **Encryption knowledge** * [Basic concepts]( - Asymmetric encryption, Digital signature, Certificate * [Digital signature extension]( - Multi-signature, Blind signature, Group signature, Ring signature * [Merkle tree]( <!-- * [Merkle tree in blockchain](./Basic/ --> * [Merkle DAG]( * [**CryptoNote v2.0**]( - Untraceable Transactions and Egalitarian Proof-of-work <!-- ### Consensus --> - **Consensus** * [Proof of Work]( * [Proof of Stake]( * [Proof of Stake FAQs]( / [Chinese version]( * [Delegated Proof of Stake]( * [Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance]( <!-- ### Account and transaction model --> - **Account and transaction model** * [UTXO model]( <!-- ### Exchange --> - **Exchange** <!-- ### Applications --> - **Applications** * [Do You Need a Blockchain?]( * [What can't blockchain do?]( * [More](./Extension/ <!-- ### Governance --> - **Governance** * [Blockchains should not be democracies]( <!-- * []( --> <!-- ### Digital currency ranking --> - **[Digital currency ranking](** --- ## Development Tutorial ### [BitCoin]( [<img src="" align="right" width="120">]( **Bitcoin** is an experimental digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses **peer-to-peer** technology to **operate with no central authority**: managing tran