spring5webapp:示例Spring 5 Web应用程序

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Spring Framework 5:初学者 该存储库是在我的在线课程中构建的示例应用程序 该应用程序是一个简单的Spring Boot 2 / Spring Framework 5 Web应用程序。 它用于帮助学生学习如何使用Spring框架。 在课程中可以找到逐步说明和详细说明。 在学习本课程的过程中,请随时将该存储库派生到您的GitHub存储库中。 大多数链接都包含指向源代码更改的链接。 如果遇到问题,可以将您的代码与课程代码进行比较。 Spring Framework 5:Guru课程Wiki的初学者 对您的Spring Framework 5课程有疑问吗? 设置开发环境 推荐版本 推荐的 参考 笔记 Oracle Java 8 JDK Java 11可以,请参阅有关Java的说明 IntelliJ 2018或更高版本 建议使用Ultimate Edition。 学生可以免费获
# Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru This repository is for an example application built in my [Spring Framework 5 - Beginner to Guru](https://www.udemy.com/testing-spring-boot-beginner-to-guru/?couponCode=GITHUB_REPO) online course The application is a simple Spring Boot 2 / Spring Framework 5 web application. It is used to help students learn how to use the Spring Framework. Step by step instructions and detailed explanations can be found within the course. As you work through the course, please feel free to fork this repository to your out GitHub repo. Most links contain links to source code changes. If you encounter a problem you can compare your code to the lesson code. [See this link for help with compares](https://github.com/springframeworkguru/spring5webapp/wiki#getting-an-error-but-cannot-find-what-is-different-from-lesson-source-code) ## Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru Course Wiki Got a question about your Spring Framework 5 course? [Checkout these FAQs!](https://github.com/springframeworkguru/spring5webapp/wiki) ## Getting Your Development Environment Setup ### Recommended Versions | Recommended | Reference | Notes | | ----------- | --------- | ----- | | Oracle Java 8 JDK | [Download](https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html) | Java 11 is okay, see notes about Java [on the course wiki](https://github.com/springframeworkguru/spring5webapp/wiki/Java-Version) | | IntelliJ 2018 or Higher | [Download](https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/) | Ultimate Edition recommended. Students can get a free 120 trial license [here](https://github.com/springframeworkguru/spring5webapp/wiki/Which-IDE-to-Use%3F#how-do-i-get-the-free-120-day-trial-to-intellij-ultimate) | | Maven 3.6.0 or higher | [Download](https://maven.apache.org/download.cgi) | [Installation Instructions](https://maven.apache.org/install.html)| | Gradle 4.8 or higher | [Download](https://gradle.org/install/) | **Note:** Use Version 5 or higher if using Java 11 | | Git 2.15 or higher | [Download](https://git-scm.com/downloads) | | | Git GUI Clients | [Downloads](https://git-scm.com/downloads/guis) | Not required. But can be helpful if new to Git. SourceTree is a good option for Mac and Windows users. | | Spring Boot 2.1 or higher | [What's new](https://content.pivotal.io/springone-platform-2017/whats-new-in-spring-boot-2-0-phillip-webb-madhura-bhave) | | ## All Spring Framework Guru Courses ### Spring Framework 5 * [Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru](https://www.udemy.com/testing-spring-boot-beginner-to-guru/?couponCode=GITHUB_REPO) - Get the most modern and comprehensive course available for the Spring Framework! Join over 8,200 over Guru's in an Slack community exclusive to this course! 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Learn to master SQL on MySQL, the worlds most popular database! ### DevOps * [Apache Maven: Beginner to Guru](https://www.udemy.com/apache-maven-beginner-to-guru/?couponCode=GITHUB_REPO_SF5B2G) - **Best Selling Course** Take the mystery out of Apache Maven. Learn how to use Maven to build your Java and Spring Boot projects! * [OpenAPI: Beginner to Guru](https://www.udemy.com/course/openapi-beginner-to-guru/?referralCode=0E7F511C749013CA6AAD) - Master OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) to Create Specifications for Your APIs * [Docker for Java Developers](https://www.udemy.com/docker-for-java-developers/?couponCode=GITHUB_REPO_SF5B2G) - Best Selling Course on Udemy! Learn how you can supercharge your development by leveraging Docker. Collaborate with other students in a Slack community exclusive to the course! * [Spring Framework DevOps on AWS](https://www.udemy.com/spring-core-devops-on-aws/?couponCode=GITHUB_REPO_SF5B2G) - Learn how to build and deploy Spring applications on Amazon AWS! * [Ready for Production with Spring Boot Actuator](https://www.udemy.com/ready-for-production-with-spring-boot-actuator/?couponCode=GITHUB_REPO_SF5B2G) - Learn how to leverage Spring Boot Actuator to monitor your applications running in production. ### Web Development with Spring Framework * [Angular 4 Java Developers](https://www.udemy.com/angular-4-java-developers/?couponCode=GITHUB_REPO_SF5B2G) - Learn how to use Angular with Spring Boot. Two flaming hot technologies! This is the only course on Udemy where you can learn how to use JHipster to rapidly build your next application! Also, be sure to checkout the Slack community for this course! * [Mastering Thymeleaf with Spring Boot](https://www.udemy.com/mastering-thymeleaf-with-spring/?couponCode=GITHUB_REPO_SF5B2G) - Once you learn Thymeleaf, you'll never want to go back to using JSPs for web development! ### Spring Framework 4 * [Spring Core](https://www.udemy.com/spring-core/) - Learn the core of Spring Framework 4! * [Spring Core Advanced](https://www.udemy.com/spring-core-advanced-beyond-the-basics/?couponCode=GITHUB_REPO_SF5B2G) - Go beyond the basics! Learn about Aspect Oriented Programming, Spring Security, using Spring Events, JMS and more! ## Connect with Spring Framework Guru * Spring Framework Guru [Blog](https://springframework.guru/) * Subscribe to Spring Framework Guru on [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrXb8NaMPQCQkT8yMP_hSkw) * Like Spring Framework Guru on [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/springframeworkguru/) * Follow Spring Framework Guru on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/spring_guru) * Connect with John Thompson on [LinkedIn](http://www.linkedin.com/in/springguru)