Idleon-Api-Downloader:允许在加载 Idleon 时以 JSON 格式下载 API 数据发送到浏览器

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Idleon-Api-下载器 一个 Chrome 扩展,允许在加载 Idleon 时以 JSON 格式下载 API 数据发送到浏览器。 手动将角色数据输入电子表格的日子很短。 怎么获得 单击此页面上的绿色代码按钮下载存储库,然后单击“下载 ZIP” 将文件解压缩到您选择的位置(下载文件夹工作正常) 在 chrome 浏览器中导航到 chrome://extensions 确保在屏幕右上角选中“开发者模式” 点击“Load unpacked”,然后选择你解压的文件夹 你已准备好出发! 您可能想要固定扩展以便在游戏中使用 请注意,我计划在 chrome 网上商店中提供此扩展程序。 如何使用 安装后,该扩展程序非常易于使用。 只需导航到 Idleon 网站的传说(当然在 Chrome 中),然后单击播放。 进入角色选择屏幕后,您应该能够打开扩展程序,并且应该会出现一系列下载/复制链接。
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# Idleon-Api-Downloader A Chrome extension that allows for the downloading of API data in JSON format sent to the browser when Idleon is loaded. Short are the days of manually inputting your character's data into a spreadsheet. # How to get 1. Download the repository by clicking the green Code button on this page then click "Download ZIP" 2. Unzip the file to your location of choice (download folder works fine) 3. Navigate to chrome://extensions in chrome browser 4. Make sure "Developer mode" is checked at the top right of the screen 5. Click "Load unpacked" then select the folder you unzipped 6. You are good to go! You might want to pin the extension for ease of use in game Please note that I plan on making this extension available on the chrome web store. # How to use The extension is really easy to use once it is installed. Simply navigate to the legends of Idleon website (in Chrome of course) and click play. Once you are on the character selection screen you should be able to open the extension and a series of download/copy links should appear. Enjoy! The best use of this extension is the ability to copy data that can be easily pasted into the Idleon Calculator import spreadsheet. Doing so will allow you to min/max each of your character and view information the game normally doesn't give you. The spreadsheet is very powerful! Upon viewing the JSON data, it might seem really messy in a text editor. That is because it is unformatted. Just paste the data into a JSON viewer such as and it makes viewing the data much easier. # How does it work? Idleon sends all of its game data to your browser as an XMLHttpRequest (XHR for short). The extension takes advantage of that and views the requests just like the game would but instead lets the player see all the data at once. # How do people use this? The raw JSON data is really messy and many things about the save data isn't very clear. Things aren't named consistently and there is a lot of extra "JSON" formatting that is unnecessary. I have written scripts to turn this messy data into a "clean" csv, but I also included the original save data in case you want to make your own! If you want to make tools that take advantage of the "clean" JSON, please be warned that it might change in the future as Idleon updates and things need to be re-organized. # I'm having issues! Whether you are trying to use the extension to paste into a spreadsheet or creating a whole new tool for people to use, if you are running into any issues please feel free to reach out to me on the official Idleon discord. I appreciate people who find bugs! You can also create an issue right here in Github if you like. Simply create a new issue in the "issues" tab at the top of this page! If you are having issues directly following an update to Idleon, chances are that I'm already working on the fix. Please be patient, but still feel free to message me or create a Github issue if you would like! If you use multiple accounts, you might need to play on a character, go back to the character selection screen, then reload the page before the extension will work. This occurs as there is a bug with switching accounts and save data in the game itself. # "How can I help?" I put this project on Github for a reason! This is my first project with web development, so things are pretty sloppy in that area. If you think you can contribute in any way, please feel free to make a pull request! It would be much appreciated! I'm really bad with HTML/CSS, so if anybody wants to make the popup window (index.html) nice looking I would really appreciate it.
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