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空间分析 该存储库包含由芝加哥大学开发的“空间分析”网站的源代码。 它是使用R包 。 关于 该网站是在Luc Anselin,Grant Morrison和Angela Li的努力下开发的。 可以通过在此存储库中来向我们问题和反馈。 关于空间数据科学中心 空间数据科学中心(CSDS)和共同发起,开发了用于地理空间分析,空间计量经济学和地理可视化的最新方法; 通过开源软件工具实施它们; 将它们应用于社会科学中与政策相关的研究; 并通过培训和支持,向遍布全球的200,000多位空间分析师的社区进行传播。 自2016年7月1日起,CSDS接替了亚利桑那州立大学GeoDa地理空间分析和计算中心。 关于芝加哥大学 是一所私立的,非宗派的,文化丰富且种族多元化的男女同校研究大学,位于芝加哥海德公园。 芝加哥大学是一所城市研究型大学,自1890年以来就一直驱动着新的思维方式。我们对
内容介绍 =========================================================== This repository holds the source code for the Spatial Analysis website developed by the [Center for Spatial Data Science]( at the University of Chicago. It is built using the R package [`blogdown`]( ## About This website was developed through the efforts of Luc Anselin, Grant Morrison, and Angela Li. Questions and feedback can be directed to us by [filing an issue]( in this repository. ### About the Center for Spatial Data Science A joint initiative of the [Division of Social Sciences]( and the [Computation Institute](, the Center for Spatial Data Science (CSDS) develops state-of-the-art methods for geospatial analysis, spatial econometrics, and geo-visualization; implements them through open source software tools; applies them to policy-relevant research in the social sciences; and disseminates them through training and support to a growing worldwide community of over 200,000 spatial analysts. As of July 1, 2016, CSDS succeeds the GeoDa Center for Geospatial Analysis and Computation at Arizona State University. ### About the University of Chicago [The University of Chicago]( is a private, nondenominational, culturally rich and ethnically diverse coeducational research university located in Hyde Park, Chicago. The University of Chicago is an urban research university that has driven new ways of thinking since 1890. Our commitment to free and open inquiry draws inspired scholars to our global campuses, where ideas are born that challenge and change the world. ## Website Notes ### References Thanks to [Chris Prener]( and [Mine Centinkaya-Rundel]( for providing ideas for the structure of this blogdown website, as well as the [Earth Lab]( at University of Colorado for inspiring development of this site. ### Quick Tips for Updating This Site **Note: Don't track or commit the `public` folder on the hugo branch!** After making changes on the `hugo` branch, committing, and pushing them, run ``` bash ``` to update the site. There's a nasty combination of Github subtrees and branches underlying this site, because Hugo doesn't work super well with Github pages. - When in doubt, edit `config.toml`, for sitewide settings like the website title, headers, and footers, and to add new menu navigation. - To update page content, add to the `content` folder. - To update page formatting, go to the `layouts` folder. You can copy and modify the original HTML layout files from `themes/hugo-smorg/layouts`. - **Don't edit the `public` folder!** (The stuff in there is automatically generated from the files in `content`.) - Images for pages and posts as well as logo files are stored in the `static` folder. Use the RStudio `blogdown` addin to insert images easily. - To include a pure `html` file, add it to the `static/html` folder, and link to it with `html/name-of-file.html` If things are going awry, uncomment `` and run it, then follow the same process as detailed above.