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jsmooch java 打包软件,用于打包java安装文件使用。请大家下载
JSmooth: a VM wrapper toolkit for Windows Copyright (C) 2003-2007 Rodrigo Reyes <reyes@charabia.net> JSmooth is a Java Executable Wrapper that builds standard Windows executable binaries (.exe) that launch java applications. Such binaries contain all the information needed to launch your java application, i.e. the classpath, the java properties, the jvm version required, and so on. If Java is not installed, it helps the users by displaying them a notice before launching automatically a browser to a web site where they can download a JVM. 1. Status of the project JSmooth is currently in advanced beta phase. 2 Using the software Double-clik on the JSmoothGen.exe icon. 3. Compiling the project -- PREREQUISITE -- The section below only applies if you need to build JSmooth from its sources. If you just need to create an executable binary for your application, just run JSmoothGen as it comes from its standard distribution. 3.1 Get the source You can get the source code at sourceforge's: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jsmooth 3.2 MINGW for Windows (required) You need the MINGW GCC compiler to compile the Windows wrappers. Just install the last version (3.1.0 or above) from the following website: http://www.mingw.org/ You need to download the MINGW-v.exe package (where v is the version). For instance MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe should be fine. You don't need any other package, so don't be afraid of all the stuff available on their web site. Once installed, you still need to setup your %PATH% environment variable to add the bin/ directory where MINGW is installed. 3.3 DOCUMENTATION STUFF (optional) If you want to build the whole distribution package (including the documentation, you need to install the docbook compilation chain). Install: - http://xml.apache.org/xalan-j/ and put the xalan jars into the lib folder of ANT. This is required to make ANT able to process XSLT. - docbook-xsl, available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/docbook/ Just download the docbook-xsl package, you don't need anything else here. If you compile with a JDK 1.5 or above, you are very likely to experience issues with the built-in xslt engine. A work-around is to override the default engine with xalan (for instance). Download Xalan and put its jars in the jre/lib/endorsed/ directory (you may have to create it). - FOP, available at http://xml.apache.org/fop/ 3.4 FLTK library FLTK, available at http://www.fltk.org The easiest way is probably to grab a recent source package of fltk, then to run under an MSYS/MINGW environment the three commands: "./configure", "make", and "make install". 3.5 Configure: - Open the build.xml ant script at the root of the project, and change the properties located at the top of the file. They are just under the comment: <!-- set here the properties specific to your computer --> Read carefully the comments and set the properties accordingly. 3.6 Building the project To build the project, run the following command: ant jar To build the wrappers: ant compileskels To run the program: ant run To build a distribution: ant dist 4. License The JSmooth project is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Please read the License.txt file that comes with the package. Additional software bundled with JSmooth may come with their own license, please check. The executable generated (the launchers created by JSmooth) are under the LGPL with a "runtime exception" similar to the gcc licence exception: It is not required that you distribute the source code with, nor that you publish a notice mentionning jsmooth.
    • JSmooth.zip
    • JSmooth 0.9.9-7.zip
      将java 生成的jar包转换为exe文件
    • 中文版JSMOOTH
      可将JAR文件 和JAVA虚拟机打包成EXE文件
    • JSmooth jar 转exe
    • JSmooth汉化版
    • jsmooth+精简版jre.rar
      轻松将java应用程序 转换成 exe 可执行文件,可以 放到没有java环境的机器上运行。
    • JSmooth(中文破解版)
    • JSmooth(Java打包工具)
    • JSmooth0.9
    • BBS_system_on_java.rar
      BBS论坛系统由JAVA和JSP实现,开发中涉及JavaBean,JSP和服务器Tomcat5.0.7的设置,数据库用SQL2000。有注册登陆,浏览,发帖 回帖,帖子管理,论坛设置,管理版块,用户管理等模块。