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Introduction-1.rar - this file is usefull for all student,2012-10-12 16:08:21,下载5次
Review-of-Signals--Systems-and-Digital-Signal-Pro - this file is usefull for all student,2012-10-12 15:58:58,下载4次
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GrayCodedMQAMoverRayleigh.zip - Simulation of Gray coded MQAM in Rayleigh fading
matlab_scripts_by_Jerrythee.zip - The MATLAB Scripts (m-files) Simulate MIMO Communication System with Zero Forcing (ZF) Detection, Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE) Precoding and Detection. It of course goes with the MAIN Programs which calls the functions.
matlab_ImageFusion_Toolbox.zip - matlab图像融合工具箱,实现多源传感器图像融合功能
MATLAB_signal_TOOLBOX.rar - MATLAB的工具箱...样条插值...
piotr_toolbox_V1.03.zip - This toolbox is meant to facilitate the manipulation of images and video in Matlab. Its purpose is to complement, not replace, Matlab s Image Processing Toolbox, and in fact it requires that the Matlab Image  Toolbox be installed.    Emphasis has  been placed on code efficiency and code reuse.
DWT-MIMO.zip - MIMO-OFDM using DWT with BPSK Modulation
paper2.rar - Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Time-Frequency Trellis Codes for MIMO-OFDM Systems
mimo-ofdm-matlab.rar - mimo ofdm matlab file
LTE--MIMO-OFDM.rar - MIMOOFDM空时编码的相关资料欢迎下载
MIMO-OFDM.rar - MIMO-OFDM simulation
wave3.zip - 小波包变换的matlab程序库,对信号进行小波变换,推荐下载
Filter_Bank_Design.zip - 完全重构以及近似完全重构滤波器组设计程序。
multi-channelFIRFilter-bank.rar - 多信道FIR滤波器。作为firpr2chfn函数使用的例题进行教学。四信道reconstruction滤波器
TFTB.zip - This is Time-frequency representation tool which I found. When I analysed Fourier transform of some signal, it was very useful.
PlotWithArrow_Code.rar - 使用matlab绘制箭头坐标轴图形,通过程序可以绘制漂亮的论文插图
OFDM_QPSK-16QAM-64QAM.rar - OFDM编码,调制的方法有QPSK,16QAM和64QAM
sv-channel-model.rar - siso信道的 saleh-valenzuela信道模型
Saleh-Valenzuela-channel-model.rar - 通过matlab仿真了Saleh-Valenzuela 信道模型,仿真图有四个子图,(a)和(b)分别示出的分布的群集抵达时间和射线到达时间,(c)表示S-V信道的脉冲响应,(d)图显示了信道功率分配
UWB.rar - 产生一个UWB脉冲信号 并且进行分析其波形